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The fact that our two goals come from midfielder shows that our attacking forces aren't sharp enough. Yours Truly, Giroud F*ck!
Oh my God, Really? Where? Could you please enlighten me sir..
Did you watch the game when you're drunk sir?
I see boobs.
Full Time. Bayern 3 Neuer 1
Giroud gave the Reading v Arsenal video a rating of 5
My words are exactly for our friends who lost faith in recent weeks and return back only when we won the game. Not to those who are critical and responsive (lik...
So suddenly everyone is an Arsenal fan again. Nobody is a Gunner last week. Have faith lad. Grass is NOT always greener on the other side of the fence.
You should work for BBC sport sir..
If the defenses are flawless, then the midfielders are below par. If the midfielders are excellent, then the strikers are below average. If the strikers are sha...
So Mr Two-goals-lead-then-ruined-it... we meet again...
No ref is smarter than Howard Webb. Period.
I never said Wilshere shouldn't be booked. But, a tackle from behind deserves a card; whatever colour it is. Still, Man Utd deserves to win. They are a better a...
The fact that Arsenal only won once in the last 16 PL games with Mike Dean as a referee doesn't matter anymore. The fact that Cleverly should be sent off for ta...
What'd I do?
You dont need to be a chelsea fan to know that. You just need to love football. As a third party, I believe Chelsea and MU are actually fielded the same type ...
Of course I got beaten. I'm the only person on the earth who doesn't know Giggs is an Academy Player. As well as Lindegaard, Rafael, Anderson, Nani, Fletcher, W...
Wow.. Someone got period today...
Listen to him guys. Ryan Giggs is still in the Academy. This is fact!
Ldinho, you sound like Liverpool fans 20 years ago.
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