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Lol i was waiting for all of the chelsea haters to crawl out from wherever they were hiding to have pathetic, jealous dig at chelsea!!! we won fair and square....
5 years ago
@unitedsocauk- even when they're away from the nou camp too! remember the chelsea-barca semi with all those penalty shouts waved away?!? lol
I feel sorry for the ones who accumulate yellows more than those who get reds stupidly in the semis..
F**k off. football is about winning, by wateva means not passing the ball from side to side, getting knocked out and throwing a strop after the game cos you're ...
Finally a barca fan who is gracious in defeat!! respect!
Boopaop, you're an idiot, clearly.. no team deserves to go through or be knocked out based on the tactics they used in the game. The only tactics that are right...
Barca have no plan B. credit to them for sticking to their game but that is partly why they couldn't break down chelsea in 2nd half..
It's good to see that there are at least some fans with some common sense and knowledge on football.. Barca are still the best team in the world and it took a g...
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