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Sorry for the novel guys, but just wanted to throw in my 2cents until August, looking forward to reading your united posts and coments, Catch you guys then. Pea...
6 years ago
Wow United lost on goal difference with the worst so called squad, having the injury problems and even re-calling a 37 yr old outta retirement to give us that e...
Gutted but very proud of our lads, they keep the pressure on City til the final day, equal on points and it just goes to show that goals scored really make a di...
United didnt deserve to win this game, they played like crap,outplayed all over the park today very disapointing to watch. Throw away 8 points and this is what...
@FarkenLFarca: You still bitter that Madrid beat you at home and will take the la liga title off you or maybe your still pissed cos Chelsea kicked Barca's asss ...
NO! but he didnt hide his head in his shirt like Messi after the game, maybe becasue he missed the penalty that would of put them in the final.?
Unlucky today fellas! I was hoping that it was gonna be a Madrid vs Chelsea final. Great game anyways.
Come on WEST BROM !!
WTF happen to our defence? 3-1 and 4-2 up then we throw 2 points away cos we're not coming back to defend the 2 goal lead,(SO FRUSTRATING) Now we CANT lose to C...
Good job Chelsea! hopefully you guys can hang on and get in the final, but it's not gonna be easy though. Chelsea vs R.Madrid final would be fantastic, cant...
I LOVE the profile pic Wikipedian! Dammmm!
Awesome result, nice to see the goal tally goin up again. Need to win the next 3 games and title is ours. Woulda been nice to have that 8 point cushion but Wi...
I wish this was was the score line in their up and coming match against Barca, but I dont think Barca especially Messi would allow this to happen. Barca will ta...
MAN United played shite! F**k talk about complacency. As for the conspearicy theorist out there talking about refrees giving all the calls to united, think ag...
Nice work Madrid, bring those boys back down to earth, full credit to Apoel for making it this far. Looks like Benzema changed his boots in the second half, th...
Somewhere on FootyTube
The game that will stand out for me is the game where he scored that hatrick against Liverpool, I'll never forget that overhead goal where he control the ball o...
I am confident that the Gunners will beat Man City at the Emirates, it would be sweeter for them seeing that most of their former players e.g Viera, Adebuywhore...
Awesome game and great goals!! Well played Chelsea, now to beat Barca in the Semi's or final.
Ibra the magician, awesome goals mate, made it look so easy. I wouldnt like to be their next opponent. =/
Yeah maybe he'd score more goals, he's already scored over 30 goals in all competions.
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