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10 hours ago
Definitely. I do believe Mourinho has to accept some of the blame as manager. I was saying that with he banked on the continuation of success he thought his tea...
2 days ago
Aaarrrwww... my brain
I think Mourinho has to make a very important decision. One that many people think he is the most capable person to make, given his critics views on the type of...
3 days ago
@Niru, take your mouse or track pad and scroll over each word in my comment one by one until you get to the part where I say "I wouldn't expect his criticisms o...
I wonder if that is a subconscious thought, Bluff? In no way did Mourinho call out Hazard, yet we all are thinking it. I was more frustrated with Hazard in te...
@ Ethio, I actually agree with you. We look winded coming back from the break and Hazard shows no real desire to get forward. Even at the very start of the game...
I think most of us are overlooking our situation with the Ivanovic scapegoat. Watching us play it feels like our defence is going through a transitionary phase,...
4 days ago
Sam just doesn't like Mourinho so, like most Mourinho haters, I wouldn't expect his criticisms of him to be backed by sense. Liked us better under Ancelotti fro...
Seriously guys you can't blame one player for the goal. That was poor from the team to get caught out like that from the break. I'm curious as to why no one h...
Too early to decide whether he is on the decline of his career just from 2015. He has been one of the best RBs in the league since Mourinho came back. Scored so...
Relativity Jeroen. I'm talking specifically this season, where he's had a poor start. His game is starting to get back into form. Not there yet, but definitely ...
Willian would be immense for us if he just had more composure when it comes to shooting. He is always in the right place at the right time with his energy and a...
He's had a good game imo. He's blocked most of the crosses on his side and has improved his game. Definitely not declining.
Or W for Winner ;)
1 week ago
It's going to be a crazy week. If Everton lose Stones this week, it could really affect their performance and defensive chemistry for the season so I expect the...
No. We want him, but we don't need him. What we need is for our midfield to get back in form. They still have to shake off last season's fatigue.
When has anyone here not been worried about City's form?
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