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Well you're one in a million kid! Congrats :) Here's a cupcake!
13 hours ago
Everybody would rather loose Torres mate.
15 hours ago
Http:// I believe this is the article you must be referring to. If true, then 130...
He's a true legend. None of this, "put me in the team or else," bulls#!t
17 hours ago
He has a great point mate. If a 19 year old was making more or as much as the senior players that would piss a lot of people off. Especially if he isn't proven ...
Only doubt it for these reasons: 1. Drogba is Lukaku's idol, so who better to mentor him? 2. In terms of the future, it wouldn't be smart to let go of a 22 yea...
Goodbye Cupcake.
Sure, I'll take quality youth and someone who can command the net for the next decade any day, but his loyalty and commitment to the club needs to improve then....
Good for them then. It just looked odd with them at the bottom AND with no miles on them when the list is not in a numerical ranking order.
All I can think of is why is Hull there if they don't have any miles on them? Is it just for reference or to make them feel bad?
1 day ago
Bluff, what do you mean by he has favourites? Do you mean he picks the players that best fit the style in which he wants to play at? Because that technically is...
Mou will play the best player for his system. No need to worry mate. Here's how I think he will choose (from a logical Mou perspective): 1. Who is in better f...
Did anyone notice that Salah was wearing number 17 during the game? I remember someone on here saying that he would take another number because Drogba may be co...
2 days ago
@TheChelsea, that would be me. :)
5 days ago
Ambidextrous is the word you're looking for.
6 days ago
A good article on our possible tactics:
Right on Kaiba! Hopefully our back up CB youngsters will prove their worth if (God forbid) any of our starting defensive players get injured.
Blueskiesahead you speak the truth my friend. I do fear for the CB position as well because if someone gets injured we are on shaky ground, but with Benatia b...
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