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Lionel Messi will be better than Ronaldinho.
4 days ago
I don't think it is about adapting to a league as much as it is a particular club and their style of football. Chelsea does not play in a style suitable for pla...
1 week ago
Great run in behind the defenders. Why he is on the bench most games is beyond me.
I can't tell if Barca doesn't care about scoring anymore or if Hart is just an amazing goalkeeper. The amount of 1v1s with the keeper is ridiculous.
2 weeks ago
@Zilch, hard done by meaning the penalty on Hazard by Kos was soft or not getting a clear penalty for yourself?
@SaucyMan11 -
Well done Monaco! Defended for their lives in the final stretch.
Thank you for this post Chelsea61. It's sad to see us fans suddenly switching allegiances and slagging off the team and it's players. Even during the game we we...
@Oddshot, have you read the forum? Whether it was during or after the game we were already shitting on ourselves.
Everyone here is already shitting on the team so I don't know what you mean. Maybe that's our tactic. We s**t on our own team so no one else feels the need to. ...
You guys are delusional. A plastic fan is happy when a rival team scores. I don't care if we didn't play up to standards, you support your F***ING team. Always!...
3 weeks ago
Seriously? And you wonder why people call us plastic fans? Support your team
I know man, just don't understand it really. If this was an EPL game, I'd understand it completely. When on an international level, it doesn't make sense.
Now the commentators are mad we get a penalty. Brilliant.
@Zilch, in the league yes, outside the league no. The only time I throw any shade at an English team playing internationally is when my friends who are from tho...
So much for England support. I feel like they want PSG to win. Even the push Costa gave on Marquinhos. It was so soft and he deflated like a melted marshmallow,...
I like it how the commentators are more favourable to PSG than Chelsea. I swear we get no love.
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