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2 weeks ago
Here's hoping it doesn't become our nightmare and the same people happy he's gone don't eventually start reminiscing about the good times with him, wishing he w...
1 month ago
Not upset, just pointing it out. Not everyone knows where a lot of countries are on a map, but saying the continent doesn't exactly pin point its location. Go...
I think you could probably just say Sierra Leone, mate. :) Great gesture by your club though!
Define nick...
9 yellow cards handed to them throughout the game. wow
F**k yes.
All hail Leicester. CL will either be fun and shockingly thrilling or really sad and depressingly short for the EPL contenders next year.
2 months ago
Full Q&A:
Fabregas on why Mourinho failed:
Whatever is more convenient, I guess.
That and it kind of gets uninspiring to post here when you see a lot of the blame game happening. Too much negativity isn't good for the soul. When Conte gets i...
Fabregas if he can bring that passion out in others, not just himself. Ivanovic is technically a part of the senior players that need to be phased out. At leas...
While I agree he is the most logical choice out of who we have, hes not the best. He would be our "because their isn't anybody better" option. The question is, ...
We need leaders more than anything. Personalities that can not only unify the squad, but earn their spot in the starting line up as well. Right now it seems i...
Very true, Bluff. The sad thing is when huge sums of money are involved, that becomes the main incentive. Arsenal are facing the same thing, just opposite spe...
Bluff: Depends on how you read it man. I had fun debating this and enjoy (unfortunately) long discussions instead of quippy one liners. I apologize if the three...
This sort of argument is incredibly incoherent. I could write an essay on how each of your points are simply throwing words around without any real understandin...
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Let me clear up things up for you then Surajloks 1. If you actually followed this team, then you would know that Jose inherited an aging squad that we kept/did...
You guys are ManU. Not expecting any rivals to read it, nor my fellow Blues tbh. I can go back to posting little quips here and there
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