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If he plays Pogba in Mata's role then expect it to be a more defensively sound set up, especially if Fellaini is also playing. If he plays Mata, then they are g...
5 days ago
1 week ago
The commentators saying we have a back 5 and that Alonso and Moses are playing as wingbacks. Interesting...
3 weeks ago
Herrera paired with Pogba gives the team (and Pogba) a lot more range and fluidity when winning the ball back in the middle of the park imo. His presence really...
1 month ago
Well SIF, you called it
I'd rather be humbled early than disappointed late. I'm confident Conte will get it right next time.
@Obino -The amount of times I've seen that statement :p I really like Conte, but I'm staying emotionally unattached until I see that Roman and the board are ac...
@Bluff - definitely meant 2nd half of the game manager. Alluding to the idea that if his first year is likened to his first half, where he doesn't do as well, h...
@Tomi - So Pellegrini never played with good football and his style wasn't what you guys asked for? Even in his first year. Now I'm curious to see how they are ...
@Tomi - Yaya was surprising, but I could argue that he confirmed our expectations given their past. It's like if Mourinho threw Mata away again. Pep sold Yaya t...
No it's not wrong, Baz and I respect your opinion. You are right in saying that Mourinho isn't looked upon as the Mourinho of old and in that respect he does ha...
Baz, Chill bro. 1. Do you remember how City started last year? It's four games in and you're saying Pep's turned things around compared to all of last year? ...
@Tomi- I think we have to identify what "turn things around" means because you and I are looking at it two different ways. It seems like you see "turn things ar...
1. Pep didn't turn anything around at City. They were already doing well and just continue to do so. They started slacking when they announced mid-season that P...
Baz, I would agree with you if Jose worshippers constantly put up posts about how great he is on this page, but that doesn't happen. No one is saying he is a Go...
Ah, I see now. This is a another "I don't like Jose cause he's a big meanie" post more than anything else. I understand, daddy issues are tough mate. Just don't...
Hmm so a guy that gets paid millions of pounds to make these sort of decisions and has won several trophies because of them doesn't know what he is missing out ...
Couple of questions worth considering: if Torres did this to us would it be ok? If Basti is still the legend he is, why did Bayern not take him back? We had Fel...
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