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Germany 3 - Argentina 1
3 years ago
4 years ago
I agree, great summary. Robben should have been carded for the first one, after that he might have stayed on his feet. I know it is not their game, but I thin...
You are exactly right. Wolfsburg played a strong 60 min. Keeper must be furious about the defense.
Schalke's defense is getting shredded. That was a harsh red card though. Bayern looking strong and composed as ever.
Group F!! one goal separated three teams. Dortmund, Arsenal, and Napoli all with 12 points. Dortmund went from second seed to third seed to top seed within 9...
Wife is German and I am American. I am a German fan but live and born on in USA. I think Germany will walk through group stage. USA, I think, will put up a f...
When a 3-way tie, first in consideration is head-to-head total points (this would exclude the results against Mar). All teams, assuming Napoli beats Arsenal, w...
I a die-hard Dortmund fan, I cannot agree with the argument that Arsenal were lucky. Lucky is when defender passes back to their keeper and the keeper misses ...
I am a die-hard Dortmund fan and Ozil admirer. If Arsenal continue to play like this Dortmund, along with all the other CL teams, will have a lot to think abou...
Mate, i give you 2 cool votes for having a black and yellow heart. Nur der BVB!!!
A note of concern for Germany. I am a huge fan of Germany, but am worried about their defensive weaknesses. Tournament after tournament (WC and Euro) this rem...
I haven't seen the full highlights, but the first two Sweden goals were Boatang and Lahm's fault. They were ball-watching and pushing too far forward.
Dortmund needs more depth. Hofmann is showing some promise, but just about the entire defense is out. With the League, CL, DFB, and WC qualifications this tea...
I love Dortmund and have been a fan for many years. The injuries this year have exposed their primary weakness, lack of team depth, particularly in defense. Th...
Incredible! What an ideal matchup. La Liga #1 v Bundesliga #1, La Liga #2 v Bundesliga #2. Does anyone have info on injuries and who has to sit out the fir...
5 years ago
Great play, but I feel that Reus' first goal was slightly selfish. He as faced the wrong way, and a 1-2 back to Ozil would have opened up no less than three ad...
Sorry for my ignorance, where was Reus? I can only assume he was injured like Hummels. Does anyone know the extent of his injury?
Both of the penalty calls were very harsh and wrong IMO. Even if the ball did strike Schelzer's hand it looked as though his body was behind his hand and there...
Trueba, the problem with your conclusion is that different leagues and teams play different styles. Don't get me wrong, Messi is a brilliant player, but the rea...
I'm beside myself. Did the defense switch with the cheerleaders? What happened? Has the coach or any players spoken about what happened?
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