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Hang on... since when is v.Gaal the manager!? Nerlinger is!
7 years ago
It's called reading and it's an essential skill... he explicitly says "not the champions league", since the champions league is not a small tournament of only t...
Well I dislike BIld in general but the sports section is quite good. of course they also adopt this typical Bild style of writing but the facts are mostly solid...
Oh yeah big deal... *yawn*
@leander That's how I see things, I am not saying it's the only right thing to do ;). If u were/are a ManU fan or felt they deserved it more than Bayern that's ...
I agree with Vishal... it's really quite embarrassing how some people here generalize and even post clearly racist comments. Footy players are individuals and c...
It's pretty far fetched to claim that la liga is x times better than BL on the grounds of one game, don't you think? I am not denying that we don't have the cl...
Exactly, I was sitting in a pub watching the last CL final cheering for Bayern (which I would NEVER EVER do in a BL game, unless they would be stealing the titl...
Yeah, it's disappointing. We lost too many balls in the midfield and that cost us the game in the end. and well it was kind of obvious that sevilla players wou...
I never said that. I was talking about the match against Germany in which I was pretty disappointed since I had pretty much expected a thriller like in the last...
@Chaconche I can't really recall all their matches although I watched a few of them. But the match against Germany was a lot of things but by no means great.
I sure hope so but nothing is decided, yet. Still it's becoming more and more likely. Especially if we get the 4th spot for the CL.
I agree with anyu... those players know that they have a great perspective for the future with Dortmund, even if other clubs, where they would have to prove the...
Yes, click on the score of the player in the management screen, it'll show you.
Yep, Germany is already 600 points in the lead over Italy. I'm becoming pretty sure we'll see Dortmund in the CL next year.
I couldn't really name the factors either but I guess age plays a role, too... it's not nearly as important as the performance obviously.
Putting Prödl and Silvestre in one box with Wiese seems a bit harsh... he may not play his best season but he's a good one after all.
I'm not a real fan of either side, although I find Barca far more likable and I love the city. But how was Madrid better off without mourinho? it was the first ...
Kagawa's growth rate is just ridiculous :D.
I'm not a fan of Magath's management but he knows how to handle the media. I really enjoy his interviews and press conferences.
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