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Garzu wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
Falcao + Suarez under Pep Guardiola? I would start crying days before the match if I was to face such chaos.
Wished better goalkeeping from Davis. Look forward to a better performance by the soton.
Good thing Switzerland won, otherwise their goallie would have gone through a lot of trouble.
6 years ago
Best one so far, good job!
Bring Pierluigi Collina to teach somethings to the refs, isn't he the UEFA head of referees? Shouldn't this be something that would concern him?
Messi has repeatedly declared that he has nothing against CR7, why creating a rivalry that isn't least from Messi?
Somewhere on FootyTube
Suarez didn't call him a n****r, called him a "negro" which has a completely different meaning in Spanish. By saying this I am not defending Suarez, I dislike h...
For a friendly match, it wasn't very friendly hahah
Tottenham players want their jerseys back
Hopefully Chamberlain, Coquelin, Park, and Gigs play more, since they made a difference this time. Now, I am not saying let them play judging from one match onl...
Tiene bastante potencial, ojala le vaya bien!
It's not about countries, it's about great matches happening all at the same time making it hard to accumulate viewers.
I guess that Lindegaard will have to start scoring goals if he wants to be a starter.
There should be an "unlucky" vote in the performance tab lol
NoOoooo Lichaaaaa whyyyy
So..Much... Fail
7 years ago
There is only 2 things that I like about the MLS: 1: Thierry Henry 2: They post highlights in Youtube That is all
And playing lol
This video is extremely biased towards Madrid. Is videos like such that try to distract peopl from the fact that the match provided a show of acting...
Jaja what a prank by Benfica, though sore losers too.
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