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He played 45 minutes - first half. He seems to be one of them strikers that wait on service and to be fair to him, he didnt get many
1 day ago
I'll replace Baka with Cesc..for creativity..small teams park the bus
Lol I wouldn't say we wanted revenge. We put the youth team on in the second half
2 days ago
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Jeremy Boga is really good. I hope he goes on loan in the PL to get more playing time. Him , Tamori and Baker can break into the first team.Kennedy has the tale...
Only problem is, he wants to play through the middle..if I'm not mistaken, it's one of the reasons he wants to leave Arsenal
It's Chelsea. Thanks
2 weeks ago
No one's said United are going to win the league hands down though. So I'm not sure what you are on about. Conte is a good manager but I don't think there is ...
Obi, I don't think you know me well enough. I don't support every argument and behavior on here just because it's Chelsea fans. If you must know, I didn't d...
Lmao. I haven't come up with any theories like you have bro. All I know is, they signed him and we didn't. Congrats to them
^^ What are you on about? What double standards? A guy from Liverpool forum accused me of having something against Pool simply because I called them out on so...
Exactly bro, you win some, you lose some . The market is what it is. Fans mocking each other on what they've got no control over is just silly.
Didn't you see the part about Lukaku picking Chelsea over United? Why can't we just agree that the club missed out on a target? It won't be the first nor the la...
^^ and you know these "facts" because? Smh
So funny how some of you guys are acting butt hurt and making up scenarios to make yourselves sleep well at night. We missed out on Lukaku. It happens. Let's ...
Demand and Supply guys, deal with it
Nicely said Yaldho. The bias on this website is crazy. the s**t smells bad if it beLONGS to the rival logic. I find it very petty
Please dont waste your time arguing with some of my fellow Chelsea mates regarding Lukaku. It's obvious some are butt-hurt. I think he will be a good fit for Un...
Lmao...why are Chelsea fans being salty over this? geez, so so childish
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