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I'm sorry mate but you are very childish. cheers!
1 week ago
He's just trying to put the blame else where lol.These players have been gone for a while now. They aren't the reason we are currently under performing. Cut th...
No body in the world can tell the future dude. Mou did what he thought was best at the time by opting for Oscar ahead of KDB. Was Oscar a giant? Where is your l...
What are you on about? U think Managers can see the future? Why did Fergie sell Pobga? Was KDB better than Oscar and Lampard when he was sold? and did Mou go o...
No disrespect Moe and Bazinga but that's BS. You blame mou for Salah and KDB but have made excuses for Conte letting go of Ake and Chalobah for Bakayoko? and fo...
Anyone else agree that we (Chelsea) need to be more ambitious and hungry in our play? For example, we were very pragmatic at home vrs this same City side. Not...
Nobody is fighting you dude. You have your opinions and others have theirs. I miss Costa. Many do and we have every right to. Let's just chill
This team lacks ideas. I'm not trying to be negative but players seem as though they aren't sure what the plan is when we get the ball. I've seen lots of Chelse...
Hazard is not keeping it simple. He's trying to do too much with the fancy flicks. We just need him to be direct nd effective
I don't know about Diego Simeone. Having won everything in football as a club, I think it's time to change our style of play to become a braver team. It doesn't...
Bakayoko thou lol. I doubt dude knows which position he's supposed to play. He runs everywhere;stops, jogs around for a bit,gets the ball, gives it away...and d...
2 weeks ago
I think he'll leave this summer
3 weeks ago
“Tiemoue Bakayoko will need to raise his game at Chelsea to keep Danny Drinkwater from taking his place on a more regular basis,” “Both players joined i...
1 month ago
He isnt covering for anyone. He's been tasked with1 job. He isnt doing it very well. I dont believe in making excuses for players. He isnt playing very well. Ho...
3 months ago
We win a match amd you guys want to discuss Mou? smh
Bakayoko lacks the intelligence and discipline needed to be a top DM. I can see him making a decent box to box as he gains more experience but to be a DM, i don...
Can we stop this nonsense and move on?
Petr Cech on Wenger vs Mou "He ( Mourinho) brought the same spirit in Chelsea. He thinks only about victory, whatever the price. "He hates draws. If we returne...
4 months ago
Lmao. Fans are very fickle. How the hell is drinkwater an upgrade over matic?😂😂😂😂😂
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