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4 weeks ago
As Naija said...excuses!
Manager and management. Manager because it's his job to make the team successful. Board because it is their job to find out what the problem is and address i...
2 months ago
Jason Dodd : Shaw’s coach at S’ton: “ I was constantly on him. He likes it. He needs more of a cuddle, and then give him a little dig. That is how you ge...
3 months ago
I understand. I'm just not buying these excuses. We should be or at least play really well against bottom sides. Those loses had nothing to do with signings.
^^^ You are right. Our squad was definitely not good enough to beat Watford
'I try to jump towards the long ball but I played against Otamendi and Laporte. It's not easy to win duels against them. 'We haven't played with our qualities....
Meh, fans will forget in a day or 2 and go back to blaming everything on board not getting us targets
It's all because we didn't get our it's okay
This transfer season didn't improve our squad an inch. If anything at all, it weakened it. Matic wanted to leave. I won't blame Conte for that. Costa was troubl...
"Our signings have nothing to do with our shambolic performances against the likes of Palace, Watford, Burnley, Westham" You just listed our bench
All I'm hearing are excuses tbh. So what about Watford, what about Palace, what about West Ham? So because we didn't get all our targets, it's understandable t...
Meh,I'll also continue saying it, our underperformance this season against weaker opposition has nothing to do with signings. We should be beating the likes of...
Hazard hasn't played as a midfielder in a long time
4 months ago
Bazinga dude - you need to chill bro. You are being paranoid as I didnt see anyone hate on Conte from the trend..if anything, they were constructive. As Obino...
Why are you so mad thou? He just told you the facts. We have let a couple of prospects leave within this 2 year period ... there is a good chance that some of t...
"Then in the future, if there is a possibility, you have to try to buy two or three players - not eight. Don't forget this summer, we brought in eight players...
We will be 2nd or 3rd
Exactly Red. We are under performing and it has nothing to do with not getting targets. We are still better than Bournemouth even without "targets"
Dude I know exactly what I typed you Don t need to quote everything I type. But since you are quoting me,I'll explain. He asked me to name 1 team and I gave ...
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