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4 years ago
I hope Sunderland gets the Cup.
The midfielders need to supply more goal to the strikers. I mean I rarely see Torres getting nice through or square passes in front of the goal for easy shots, ...
5 years ago
Kma1975, it's the manager's authority to decide who plays and for how long. If it is necessary, he can play the players until drop off. Who are you to criticiz...
Feels gooooood!
I almost feel sorry for Barca.
Karma is a bitch. One can get his way through cheating or dirtiness sometimes, but at the end there will be nothing won. I said the same thing when QPR beat 9...
The should have ended at the 96th minute. Suarez should have gotten at least yellow for the handball which led to the penalty, or for the biting. Very very biza...
Go away, not here.
I don't know whether like or not how Arsenal aaaalmost gets things.
S**t happens to anyone man
More of the times you will see Torres giving ball to the midfielders, instead of the other way around. In games, I've noticed Mata choosing not give ball to him...
That is ridiculous. He just saves our assess and still has to take all this s**t? What he has done to you? He maybe doesn't have what worth 50 mil, but has give...
People loose chances all the time, so does Torres. Only aren't we concentrating on him too much? We have got to give ourselves a break.
Not the whole world speaks English you know. You should be grateful to the fact that almost everyone can express themselves in English by some degree nowadays. ...
I don't get the people who say 'it was a easy win because the opposition was such and such.' If Chelsea was so much superior to everyone else, why don't always ...
MikOlai apparently just copied what a reporter asked Benitez on the post-game interview
I don't know about the goal of the century, but definitely the best I've seen in my time.
You see why I am upset. As for the ref, my point is how he detested so much Chelsea, even abusing the players racially. He is already being investigated by a co...
What was up with the referee last night? I couldn't believe in my f-ing eyes. At some point thought that he was actually joking and reverse the decision at a mo...
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