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Ronaldo and Messi misses penalties, Beckham missed them. Anyone misses penalties. Özil did not miss a penalty against a loser team. The keeper who SAVED the p...
Not a red at all. If thats red, we all see a lot worse scenes than that each game. Ronaldo gains antipathy by his reactions. But still not red. Referee did not ...
Wasn't Villa Boas sacked after a 6 goal loose to City? Should we expect the same now for Spurs again? Or will they admit that sacking Villa Boas was not fair bu...
If Juventus left the chances to the last game in Istanbul in a -not very tough- group, its not only the field in one game then. Juve did not beat Galatasaray in...
Napoli, the only team that could not go through on Champions League with 12 points. (or anything more than 10) It is hard to see other teams go through with poi...
That's almost what I was going to say. I think if Galatasaray officials are asked which team they would like to match on play-offs, they would say ManU no doub...
Ajax dominated the game, they highly deserved to win. Even after the red card, when Barca got the possession and attacking continuously, Ajax were still in char...
Messi dominated a youth world cup with Argentina, he was the top scorer of the tournament, top player of the tournament, and everything for the cup winner team....
Was it really a penalty, or Balotelli just pulled the poor defense down on to him? Terrible referee in either case.
I can only join the group of football fans who don't have any idea how the freaking hexagon do the officials let this monster play the game. It could have meant...
Danny8, I was really stressed out with moving, boxing everything at home... you made my day man, have been on the ground laughing for a few minutes now. If you ...
5 years ago
Guys, I think its not fair to make fun of Ronaldo for that. Everyone can have an own goal. No player is perfect.
Oh yeah, it is not his style :)
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