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Sick goal by clint at the end
5 years ago
I would take abby wambach over clarence goodson.
'a little stedder stop'... hah shep
Donovan ballon d'or
Especially the same week he is cut from great britain's olympic squad.
Beckham does not like guys diving in the box...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Yet another england failure
What happened to demerit?
His play has matured, but his discipline and senseless cards he receives hasn't changed
7:57 timbers keeper tries to grab donovan, then bumps into his own player....
6 years ago
Pepe looks like an alien and that ball looks like it is placed beyond the corner line
Why does northern ireland wear green, shouldn't they wear orange at home and another color away? I thought ireland was green and n ireland was orange
Wow i really don't care for tim howard's goalie shirt....some of the players looked like they were holding back tears or laughter after that national anthem, if...
Just wish us broadcasters didn't suck so bad...they are too used to covering baseball, football and basketball...instead of 3 angles of bradley's goal, we have ...
Bien joue david beckham.
I think i hear some montreal fans cheer when beckham scored
Those green unis ar uuuuuuggggglllllyyyyy!!!!!! ugly.
Why are the english fans not booing maradona on his arrival to the stadium?
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