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4 years ago
I always read things like this, why didn't Arsenal get this guy, why didn't they buy that guy... Only because a player did well in one club, doesn't mean he w...
Aubameyang statet his interest in joining Dortmund prior to them even starting negiotiations. There was pretty much no way he was going anywhere else as long as...
I don't get why so many people think Augsburg was rubbish, they played really well until they conceded the second goal and had to push higher which gave Dortmun...
Yes, except for Sven Bender no players from Bayern, Dortmund or Real Madrid had to play, so basicly every player from the first team was missing. So Löw nomi...
5 years ago
I suppose you remember Malaga scoring an offide goal first, giving the match a negative balance towards Malaga.
Oh of course Lewandowski should have been sent off. The Thing is, every decesion changes the game, so if Ribery gets sent off in the first half, Dante probably ...
As a Dortmundfan you just can't help feeling betrayed, even though we can be very proud. But Ribery hits Lewandowski in the face in the first half, thats a red ...
Still have that one, Number 10 Del Piero. Proud to have it.
Honestly, only because Dortmund was better doesn't mean they played well. I watch every match they play and yesterday was definetly one of the weaker ones, even...
Callejon was offside: Also, Weidenfeller had some nice reflexes, but he has to keep tha...
I am so proud and sad at the same time... but I know that in the end this is the deserved result. Welcome back to my very personal, but also international, gian...
I actually recon he will stay there. I mean seriously, why would Barcelona want him back? They have Tello and Delofeu as upcoming talents and those two cost les...
Seriously, HOW is this in any way like the loss against Norwich? In what way can you even dare to compare this?
Reading these comments I kinda feel that people here think Arsenal only lost because they didn't play well. You do realise, you played a very strong team, right...
GREAT Video. It's just incredible to see how many great players Bergkamp has seen come and go at Arsenal and still he always was one of the greatest.
6 years ago
Well i really hope Götze stays in Dortmund for a long time. That Team plays exactly the style of play that he needs, he's developing very fast with them. And h...
Who cut that video? There are like 2 or 3 huge Dortmund-Chances missing...
Schweinsteiger vs. Sneijder... sooo cool :D
7 years ago
I'm so proud i can't even describe it. Dortmunds starting Eleven had an anverage age of 22,3 years. That's just uncredible!!! I really hope they do well in the...
Gomez was offisde and that "handball" from Großkreutz was outside the penalty box, even though it was close.
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