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I aspire to be a greater Gooner every day. I admit humbly that I always have more to learn about the fans, players, and, most importantly, the team that I love so dearly. Come on y ...
Kartse7en (Karthik)
Kassesc (Cesc Fàbregas) from Nairobi, Kenya
KiDChungy (Nicklas Rifle)
Kutman (Kutman) from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
ARSENALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 CUPS!!
Just discovered Footytube! This is so amazing.
LFCRockz (Jeremiah) from Tampines, Singapore
Likha (Likha James)
NaMYa (...:;|_|;:...) Australia
Oweniit (Roger Fernandez)
Rudd (Keita Rudd) New Zealand
Hey Guys! My name is Keita Rudd and I'm a 11 year old male! I live in New Zealand and play soccer for Green Island and my city, Otago! I support MANCHESTER UNITED and I've ...
Scorppz (Delio)
SKool (Shirish K) from Bangkok, Thailand
Arsenal and
Nepali, Canadian, and Thai. 3 in 1. Currently studying Computer Engineering, 3nd year student. Life of an engineer is as hard as it can get, but the rewards are so satisfying, i ...
I love to play football on the streets or on the field :) I find its the most relaxing part of the day :) Always do it before and after school with my self of my mates. I hate it w ...
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