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4 years ago
Seriously? Are you just a new United fan? Go to youtube and search 'United greatest comebacks' and you will see what United's spirit really is.
@Brianb, True. Miss Ji-Sung Park.
Winning goal was scored by two ex-Arsenal players.. Lol..
Hernandez is always in the right place at the right time. :) And De Gea is awesome.. Have a feeling one day he will move to Barca or Real..
Most of Barca goals are very slick with beautiful passes.
True... Jones & Smalling come back in two weeks will give us massive boost in defence.
But he's not racist.
True... what that kind of defense, no chance to win title this year. :(
Yes, Man United played sh*t especially defense. LMFAO @ Liverpool fans, what a sore loser...! They just the games.. get over it.. :D
Well, technically United not new champions dude. This is 20th title so far. So they not new to it at all. :)
6 years ago
Happy that United won. But referees these days are shite. Seen lots of great matches ruined by Poor decisions from ref.
Use Realplayer to download those videos in .flv format. It's easy, just move your mouse over the videos, it will ask you to download on right top corner. ;)
7 years ago
I'm with Smtbgame. I started watching Real's games coz of CR7. :P
Torres is a great player. He just being at the wrong club.
Icarus505; do you even know how Lescott left the club? Seems like you don't. So shut up!
Geezz.. did JS Park get any power boost injection or special Korean ginseng? He looks pumped, running all over the field. Awesome.!!!
Hate to say that as a Man U fan. If Barca and ManU in final, I'm sure Barca will win again unless there will be a twist. But I'm still happy even ManU lose coz...
Yeah. I notice that too. Most goals United conceded in last few games are from his side or his error.
End of the day, it's all about how well you spend the money and who's coaching the team.
Yes because we are the champion!!!
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