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Tyler Purcell
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10th February, 1992
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You might say I'm not a true Man Utd fan, but I don't really hate Liverpool, they've matured as a club all around and I respect them for that.
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I'm 18 years of age,
I like to play football, and get out a lot.
If you want to talk with me, when I'm online I can talk! :)
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4 years ago
This just makes it even more harder to win, ye... thanks Southampton :P QPR and in some trouble..
In the words of ToruHyuga : Don't you dare Jinx it!
In the words of me, ; That was some f**ked up S*it!
Source :
Jones has the Shingles :
I know random post but the excitement is getting to me :-)
If we beat Madrid next week I could s##t Pringles!
Off topic but have you guys heard about Muhammed Ali, hope he gets well soon.
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So tomorrow is the big day, against Fulham..... If you scroll down you will see manuk's lineup prediction, I think that would be a perfect lineup for tomorrow i...
I hope Giggsy scores this year because we want him to maintain his seasonly goal scoring record, long live Giggsy!
2 cool votes for outstanding speech in city forum. you killed it bro. +100000 If I could give likes. u should come to united forum more often. have great day!!
2 cool votes for you Tyler:)
Your recent comments in the City forum where you generalised and said you hated all City fans, for whatever reason, is crossing the line. you have now come to t...
This is why I hate Manchester city fans sometimes, they try to make fun of a team with a subject that has clearly happened to them a week/day ago, I'll be leavi...
Thank you God, LE FONDRE!!!!!
What, the hell?
I agree with you Fully, we're much stronger than last season, we have most of or players back and virtually all of them are very strong this season, just can't ...
I don't mean it in a bad way, but it's true...... A majority of our best players aged in their late 20's and for a footballer that's kind of old, not in reality...
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