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Hey, Mini-Dalmatian, that's pretty cool. Personally, Im more of a large dog, type of person, but yours is still pretty cool :). But ya, our boy is lots of wo...
7 years ago
Oh thats' an awesome dog, you'd need alot of land to keep him happy, or a huge back yard. Mine is not actually a puppy, he's a miniature dalmatian and he's fuly...
Hey, long time. lol, is that a new pup? Thank God, our new 8 wks old pup came home on the weekend. My family loves him. It's an Alaskan Malamute...though I don'...
WOW...I hate to say this, but yesterday was one of the WORST performances by Liverpool in recent years. Majority of the team looked unenthusiastic and WAY too n...
LOL ... that is one trippy Santa. Way to ruin the Christmas vibe for me, haha :P. And ya, wow that sounds insane. 45cm of snow? Crzy stuff...but every boarde...
Same to you! in advance happy / merry crimbo(as they say in england) :D Hope Santa Claus is good to you and if you were a good boy i'm sure he will http://img8...
Heylo ... just in case I don't get a chance to on the actual day, advanced Merry Christmas and hope you have an awesome holidays! =) There's relatively more...
May one day be known as the greatest team (club level) of ALL time. History in the making...
Yup, Gomez is the ideal to win the ball, which I stated. His style of play can really benefit Torres' style of play, as least that's what I think, bas...
I've been reading some things you guys have been posting and there's some really interesting things being pointed out. As much as Suarez is quality, I don't ...
I know I posted this a few days ago, but really curious to see what other fellow Reds fans think of this possible scenario: Read some recent transfer speculati...
Yeah i watched both Real and Barca. there are limited superlatives to use on Barca now as theyve all been used.i stil think 55 - 60% of Barca is Messi reliant,...
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