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This country has too much 'it's the taking part that counts' still stuck up it's arse. When England lose or draw, we should be slaughtering ourselves at how b...
2 weeks ago
That f*****g cross.
3 weeks ago
Dat United obsession.
1 month ago
Calling them awful is being kind. Currently watching it again (because it is on bbc 2 atm) their defence is pathetic.
I have an idea, why not blame the whole f*****g lot of them?
2 months ago
Do I have to say it again? You are blaming someone for being bad in his unfavored position, and so because of that he should not play at all. Either play two u...
Best player we have, lets make him play out of position to accommodate worse players, and when he does a bad job lets just say he is awful and shouldn't play. S...
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He's an idiot. Experimenting at this late stage with Rooney on the f*****g wing. Is it so hard to ask for an England manager that isn't so moronic?
Or maybe the main attraction is that it is a well written narrative storyline. And revenge porn? Read the books before calling the TV show porn.
If I was to work 24 hours a day every day for my current day shift pay rate, it would take me 4.76 years to earn what he does in a week.
3 months ago
Idiots are funny. On Andy Cole's van Gaal comment about lack of English football not being a problem on Skysports: "scouse boy says: And another Ex utd average...
I'll call him 2nd best manager when he has built a team himself instead of taking over at clubs that already had amazing squads.
Someone who plays 99% of his games as though he is in the olympic diving team really has no f*****g right to talk.
4 months ago
He only turned into a LB in the latter half of his Vitesse career anyway.
5 months ago
Remember when people said De Gea was s**t? He is only 23, imagine what he will be like when he hits his prime.
As far as I am concerned and have felt so for a while now, after each game all the incidents should be looked at by an independent panel that changes members ev...
That's Apple for you.
Because photoshopping 2 images is totally out of the question.
Winner of Europa League only qualifies for the Champions League starting at the 15/16 season.
6 months ago
He certainly didn't learn finishing from them.
8 months ago
9 months ago
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