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I wouldn't mind keeping him to be honest, put him on against Barcelona..."You shall not pass!"
4 days ago
Fifa is just the sports simulator version of Call of Duty.
1 week ago
If they cut Young Griff to make Jon into a pseudo Targaryan heir I'll be annoyed. Anyway, plenty of 'wargin' to do next season.
2 weeks ago
Welp, Steve McManaman could have been there. Look on the bright side.
3 weeks ago
Fifa 2016: Mafia Edition. Cannot wait.
Madrid: 64 Mil per trophy. Barcelona: 21 Mil per trophy. I saw a Skysports article a could of weeks ago mentioning the 'Successful Galacticos Policy' and it ma...
Zilch, be useful how exactly? It's the internet, not a charity shop.
4 weeks ago
Oh look, another one of these lolmod threads. Are you people sure that you are sane?
'EA' 'lost their plot' EA have been missing their plot for about 15 years.
1 month ago
The US has zero authority over FIFA, so.. good luck with that.
Skysports/Mirror reckons real are going to offer 20 mil for DDG. 20 mil? Are they having a f*****g laugh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n5E7feJHw0
Class of 92 on ITV4 at the moment. Missed 1hr of it but it'll hopefully be on ITV catchup service later on.
I... Welp.... I don't know what to say... is this thread serious?...
Obligatory 'Matt Damon!'
I thought everyone knew we were buying Sneijder,
It was a close one Lump, a couple of times those damn referees messed up with stupid decisions. Pretty sure it is time for holo replays for them to have on thei...
2 months ago
De Gea, it's no contest really.
Cut out the stupid yellow bit on the Chevrolet logo and it would look so much better. Or at the very least get rid of the ridiculous failed bevel effect and fla...
Ugh. Influence, don't get me started. Who runs religion? The people. You can say if they are going against the religion or not, but they most certainly are usi...
3 months ago
Whatever you think about the situation with Evans, you have to admit stuff like this is just downright pathetic: http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/...
5 months ago
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1 year ago
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