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Someone who plays 99% of his games as though he is in the olympic diving team really has no f*****g right to talk.
2 weeks ago
He only turned into a LB in the latter half of his Vitesse career anyway.
4 weeks ago
Remember when people said De Gea was s**t? He is only 23, imagine what he will be like when he hits his prime.
1 month ago
As far as I am concerned and have felt so for a while now, after each game all the incidents should be looked at by an independent panel that changes members ev...
That's Apple for you.
Because photoshopping 2 images is totally out of the question.
Winner of Europa League only qualifies for the Champions League starting at the 15/16 season.
He certainly didn't learn finishing from them.
2 months ago
Reserved for Januzaj
Find a Sky Sports stream :P
3 months ago
Nick Powell just equalised for Wigan against MK Dons in 79th minute
This explanation is never valid when it comes to United penalties though Dicicco.
In 1993 a 5 year old child picked a team because his favourite colour was red. Living in between two towns he did not have a local team (and didn't even know hi...
It's ridiculous. We have ticketing systems that prevent the overcrowding, let people stand in their designated seating area. More than 4 people standing where...
We need defenders that can use that left wing, attacking is fine but we are really vulnerable there.
4 months ago
Getting out of there at any time is terrible, but coming close to peak on a Saturday 4 days before xmas? It must be awful.
Fit and proper, seems legit.
Http://i.imgur.com/MEyes5G.png?1 Poor Sunderland.
Yes he did, just all the other teams were really bad. How many games did we drop points because of a slow ass midfield of Carrick + Giggs? Or Giggs + Scholes. ...
If you need it explaining then there is something wrong with you.
5 months ago
8 months ago
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