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Someone who plays 99% of his games as though he is in the olympic diving team really has no f*****g right to talk.
2 weeks ago
He only turned into a LB in the latter half of his Vitesse career anyway.
3 weeks ago
Remember when people said De Gea was s**t? He is only 23, imagine what he will be like when he hits his prime.
4 weeks ago
As far as I am concerned and have felt so for a while now, after each game all the incidents should be looked at by an independent panel that changes members ev...
1 month ago
That's Apple for you.
Because photoshopping 2 images is totally out of the question.
Winner of Europa League only qualifies for the Champions League starting at the 15/16 season.
He certainly didn't learn finishing from them.
2 months ago
Reserved for Januzaj
Find a Sky Sports stream :P
3 months ago
Nick Powell just equalised for Wigan against MK Dons in 79th minute
This explanation is never valid when it comes to United penalties though Dicicco.
In 1993 a 5 year old child picked a team because his favourite colour was red. Living in between two towns he did not have a local team (and didn't even know hi...
It's ridiculous. We have ticketing systems that prevent the overcrowding, let people stand in their designated seating area. More than 4 people standing where...
We need defenders that can use that left wing, attacking is fine but we are really vulnerable there.
Getting out of there at any time is terrible, but coming close to peak on a Saturday 4 days before xmas? It must be awful.
Fit and proper, seems legit.
Http://i.imgur.com/MEyes5G.png?1 Poor Sunderland.
4 months ago
Yes he did, just all the other teams were really bad. How many games did we drop points because of a slow ass midfield of Carrick + Giggs? Or Giggs + Scholes. ...
If you need it explaining then there is something wrong with you.
5 months ago
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