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Which was totally wholly due to the owners, and not the club's stature that has existed for years. The United brand didn't exist before 2005. Tru dat. You wigg...
2 weeks ago
Fxate updated his profile
You want to blast me for being able to read when you use zero evidence to back up your nonsensical claims. You have zero 'point' whatsoever.
And what point exactly is that? "Despite all that, tell me were we the most valuable club before glazer's family took over? " Yes, we were. Did you even loo...
Https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deloitte_Football_Money_League#1997.E2.80.9398 Only goes back as far as 1997, but I think it says enough to answer your question....
You really think United, who have been in the top 3 biggest clubs for easily the last 27 years, and have been hugely popular since the 1950s, couldn't get good ...
I'm sorry but the idea that the debt isn't affecting us is nonsensical. Whichever way you look at it, it is money that we should have for our club, not to pay s...
No goalscorers allowed.
Now imagine what it'd be like if we weren't paying off the debt dumped on us by that twat of a family.
I've not lost hope, but it is looking like Januzaj was simply there at the right time with the other options for his position making him look better than he was...
3 weeks ago
Financial fee? Some of these people are literally on a couple of million a year. How much do you really expect them to be fined where it will make any differenc...
4 weeks ago
I don't think it is fair to go off one season, or even the last 5 or anything like that. You cannot place a value simply by price alone. You have to think abou...
1 month ago
Raiola could be banned from football for good? Oh, how tragic that would be. I must find that tiny violin of mine. He's a leech like all the others, they are t...
The team that was left when SAF retired was, to be quite blunt; lucky as f**k in the previous season. It was a pretty bad team that benefited massively from the...
How they'd cope with the winter break difference would be interesting to see.
You have to f*****g score those, okay it was offside anyway but come on.
2 months ago
Should have kept Hernandez. Welbeck was s**t and Di Maria was a coward who wanted to leave, f**k him.
3 months ago
Fined 20k by FA, oh, however shall we cope?
F**k that oil money. Great f*****g job.
Oh how things change. Welbeck was and still is, s**t. He gave the ball away too often and didn't create enough chances when he managed to keep hold of it. He ...
4 months ago
Lol herrera
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