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Cut out the stupid yellow bit on the Chevrolet logo and it would look so much better. Or at the very least get rid of the ridiculous failed bevel effect and fla...
Ugh. Influence, don't get me started. Who runs religion? The people. You can say if they are going against the religion or not, but they most certainly are usi...
2 weeks ago
Whatever you think about the situation with Evans, you have to admit stuff like this is just downright pathetic: http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/...
3 months ago
Just f*****g love ABU bitterness. https://twitter.com/BBCMOTD/status/518896361857499137 'Di Maria only won because of largest fan base' Why the f**k do Unite...
6 months ago
Somere, if it is randomly selected, 2000 people is well within the sample size required for a reliable survey.
#lastweek #thisisnttwitter #fail
Throwing money away for inferior more expensive products; Apple customers in a nutshell.
Chelsea 67 spent per trophy city 145 spent per tropy liverpool 101 spent per trophy United 33 spent per trophy Spurs 472 spent per trophy Arsenal 58 spent per ...
7 months ago
Can you believe we almost lost 1-0? Thank f**k for Sheringham and Solskjaer!
If he was better, he wouldn't have been sold. Hanging on to players because they have been at the club for a long time is idiotic. The simple fact is that he i...
I'm sorry but I'm just sick of seeing this stuff on our forums. Danny Welbeck is simply not good enough for a club of our stature. He can be troublesome to oth...
8 months ago
This country has too much 'it's the taking part that counts' still stuck up it's arse. When England lose or draw, we should be slaughtering ourselves at how b...
That f*****g cross.
Dat United obsession.
9 months ago
Calling them awful is being kind. Currently watching it again (because it is on bbc 2 atm) their defence is pathetic.
I have an idea, why not blame the whole f*****g lot of them?
10 months ago
Do I have to say it again? You are blaming someone for being bad in his unfavored position, and so because of that he should not play at all. Either play two u...
Best player we have, lets make him play out of position to accommodate worse players, and when he does a bad job lets just say he is awful and shouldn't play. S...
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He's an idiot. Experimenting at this late stage with Rooney on the f*****g wing. Is it so hard to ask for an England manager that isn't so moronic?
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