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I'm not discrediting the team but it's ridiculous to completely ignore everything else except for the league when they contest multiple competitions. The best l...
2 hours ago
Chelsea 04/05 - Fewest goals conceded, most clean sheets, lost 1 game all season. Arsenal 03/04 - Invincible Fine, if you just want to focus on the league whi...
4 hours ago
504 errors are usually a server connection issue where a server does not get a response. 404 is where a server gets a response but the actual requested file i...
Best EPL team ever seen? Are you serious? United 98/99 - League, FA Cup, Champions League Arsenal 03/04 - Invincible Chelsea 04/05 - Fewest goals conceded, m...
For 'neutrals' choose a team you cannot stand, or choose the one that realistically doesn't have a chance. I don't want Liverpool, Bayern, or Madrid to win it. ...
2 weeks ago
How many different clubs have won the league? League - Last 5 Years - Last 10 Years - Last 20 ScottPL - 1 - 2 - 2 Serie A - 1 - 3 - 5 Bunliga - 1 - 3 - 6 La L...
3 weeks ago
Our tactics and lineup were absolutely terrible, Mourinho made Sevilla look like a proper team, at least it proves he can get things right for one club. ¯_(...
1 month ago
Boring football would be fine, if it worked. But time and time again it has been shown that it doesn't. We used to play occasional close defensive games with ...
I sincerely believe and, really hope, that if anyone else was available at the time that we would signed them as a manager. Some of his lineups and tactics ha...
Dive dive dive. Dive dive dive. f**k off La Liga.
2 months ago
Way to go in completely missing my point. I wasn't attacking anyone but you just had to make it appear as though I was Khessler, why? The fact is, all fans hav...
Now you know how it felt for the last 25 years. I think that there is an inherent bias ingrained into people with respect to football's 'authorities' being aga...
The amount of salt and trash talk on BBC's HYS is just hilarious.
3 months ago
You know what, lets say that this does inflate the market. I want to say; so what? United can afford it, we have the highest revenue of any club in the world. ...
Now now fellas, you say it is about money over trophies but it isn't as if he is going to a billionaire mid table team with zero chance at success. Look, Unit...
Daily Mail; a tabloid so untrusted that even Wikipedia has banned it as a source.
Goal record is 34, not 31.
Thats true as well Vaaz. I'm really hoping that he is just having a really bad patch that will get sorted sooner rather than later because he certainly is a tal...
Squadwise I think we just simply have too many players who are either 'okay' or 'not too bad' and too few that are 'Very good' We have less 'not good enough' t...
With respect to McManaman, that respect being a big fat zero, I couldn't give less of a s**t about what that prick thinks about my team. He played for Liverpoo...
5 months ago
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