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5 years ago
I hope RVP's form stays the same during the Euros!
6 years ago
Indeed. I think there was a deflection though, I couldn't quite tell..
Two penalties not given to Barca. If this had happened in favor of Barca against any other team all the haters and trolls in the world would've started screamin...
You can't convert creativity into stats...
Both penalties were bullshit in my opinion. Webb is crap!
Lamtrash.. what a stupid statement
Yes they can, but will they?
Hart is a beast!!
Madrid deserve respect for their performance in this 2nd leg but you're a big fool for saying Ronaldo outperformed Messi. Just because Ronaldo has been playing ...
The game could've gone either way, but Madrid haven't played this well against us since.. well s**t i can't even remember, so they deserve some respect. As far...
What people fail to realize is that it's not one man that wins the world cup, it's the team. Xavi or Iniesta didn't win it for Spain, it was the whole motherfuc...
First of, Donchino, everyone knows, and I mean EVERYONE, that Messi is better than Ronaldo. Even people that will sit there and argue for hours, they're lying,...
Lol.. Pele who??
It is just plain stupid and idiotic when people compare the two together. There's no doubt Messi's better, no argument about the subject should even start. The ...
Do you guys remember back in the 90s, when Ronaldo used to score goals like Messi's third one, people would be in awe! We've gotten so spoiled now, this happens...
Spurs should've won it. Oh well.. that's football for you.
100% agree. He's such model footballer who leads by example. Every player who want to advance their professional career should take the time and study this marv...
Something needs to be done about that scum Pepe..Such a dirty player. And whatsup with 40 ppl thinkin Madrid were "awesome"??! Lmao!
What a goal by fab! lobbed it into the top corner.
Thank you!
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