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Allgoals pl is the only one i know but its an awesome site, u can usually download games the day after their played. hope this helps.
I know its completely ridiculous but at least zorc said hes going to fight the 3 match ban. robert is going to miss 1 match for sure though. if he misses 3 his...
Van der vart openly admits that because of him lewy gets the red card, lewy with a 3 game ban...
1 more day to go, cant wait.
That was like an emotional roller coaster ride that just makes me want to puke at the end.... i just want to punch that ref in the face.
Wow its all coming back to me i dont know how i forgot so many details... oh yea college days lol. your right.
I have to see a proper replay, im watching a bad quality stream... to me it looked like he followed through but again maybe the 5 pixels im looking at lol are m...
OK that was like a karate kick, i think Roberts girlfriend, a karate champion taught him that one... unbelievable what was he thinking? i still don't know wheth...
Ok i admit the world class statement might have been over exaggerated, i was just trying to get a point across. i forgot about barrios' injury, and i think that...
I watched an interview where klopp said whatever lewy learned about football it wasnt at dortmund and he wishes he was responsible for creating such a player. i...
The romania match has nothing in comparison to our actual NT their our C team that played romania. And your right it is sad, i don't recall the last time we bea...
Ok ill play a game with belief in myself but when im making a run on a counter attack and the playmaker is holding the ball waiting to make build up play belief...
Lol half of the Polish players were either united or real fans growing up what are you babbling about?
Ok obviosly you guys got some facts mixed up, he was a world class player before he came to dortmund. Even klopp said this in an interview. Also, Robert was not...
What do you mean typical??? Did you watch the last encounter between the two sides i guess not... so the result isnt soo typical but i agree our defense is and ...
You wanna know what scares m me? Not that we lost but that we dont have a freaking style of play. We lose to the "physically strong teams", we lose to the "tech...
Lol whats with the Lewy hating lately? yeah why dont we replace Lewy with Schieber... lmao maybe if he was German he would get paid like one. the whole team ha...
Lol hospital Dortmund... It was painfull though, lets hope we have a game like the one against man shitty.
He didn't get any clear cut passes to score, he created a chance for himself though, he showed some nice skill moves and made a genius pass. Maybe thats not too...
Thanks bro. Your right, Klopp is a genius!
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