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Look how pissed Hart is after the defected goal.. damn.
5 years ago
What was number 15 doing when podolski scored? He just backed out of the way.. I've see that before in FIFA (the video game) and thought that it was a glitch :P
I think podolski did really well. I am used to him just putting his head down and shooting rockets wildly, but he looked composed and passed really well.
But then what about Özil?
You clearly didn't watch the whole game. Canada could have had a lot more called against them. They were way too sloppy and agressive in the box.
Well whats frustrating is that the goals were all just obvious mental mistakes from the defense. They were all easily preventable. Who leaves Marcelo wide open ...
I think the US deserved to lose, but if you watch the full highlights, they had a handful of chances. A few off the post and some magical saves from the Brazili...
Better highlights: http://www.ussoccer.com/media-library/Videos/US-Men/2012/05/120530-USAvBRA-Highlights.aspx
I hope Chelsea play this way against Bayern :P What was John Terry doing in this game? He looked like he was playing for Liverpool.
Beautiful pass from Özil and an amazing finish by Ronaldo.. Great game. Some people were saying that Khedira was offside, but I don't think so at all.
6 years ago
Just because others do it, doesn't make it right. diving destroys the game.
A dive right in the beginnning of the match, penalty given, just ruins the game for me. disgusting.
That awkward moment when you don't know which Ronaldo goal to nominate for Goal of the Week.
I watched the whole game and I have to say that Dortmund deserved the win, but Bayern should have at least tied.. I thought it was a basic football rule that yo...
I was just thinking the same thing. Poor Schalke..
Well the thing about sanchez being blocked, if you look at how he hits the ball, if the keeper wasn't there, there is no way that sanchez would have gotten to i...
Thats why I think if its 2-2 aggregated, just do penalties! who cares where you scored the goals!? everyone wants penalties! its only fair.
I'm voting for Gustavo's goal for GOTW!
Plus the second goal was completely ONSIDE.
MOTM was the keeper from Valencia..
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