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We'll probably need a coach who can inspire. Simeone has given the Atleti players so much passion and belief. Tata doesn't seem like the type who can motivate p...
1 day ago
@Soccerrenz Haha except Simeone, he's pretty decent at Atletico :)
Probably will end up being our first trophyless season in 6yrs. Our form doesn't suggest any kind of comeback in the league. Hoping this is a wake up call for c...
What are our options coach wise? Hear rumors about Klopp but that won't happen.
Congratulations guys! Bale's pace was insane.
Lol this is comedy. 3 season defining losses in a row. I'm suprised I'm not even mad. If we played with heart and lost I would be more sad. Our tactics, motivat...
What a season.
Https://vine.co/v/M1zOA7zBm0I Pure comedy for the City goal.
Ftz87 just Watched
Chelsea Vs. PSG
1 week ago
3 weeks ago
1 month ago
@ Titi1348 my question was inclusive to our game against City in the return leg. I definitely don't think it's over for them at all. I just wanted to get some d...
What are our % chances of winning the UCL or League this season? I know it all depends on the draw but I wonder if we can beat Real or Bayern if we managed to r...
True. But I'm more worried about our defense when we travel to Madrid in a couple weeks lol. I really hope we click and don't get embarrassed. Madrid real sca...
5 months ago
Its been said a million times I'm sure- Pep Vs Mou, UEFA Super Cup! Cant wait!
Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRk4m2B6Vas Neymar has some fancy feet in terms of dribbling. Really hope he adapts well with us.
Alota records broken. Treble guaranteed. Haha I don't want to be Pep right now, where does he go from here?
Very impressed by BVB, game could have gone either way. I love Klopp and I hope this team can rebuild with the players they'll be losing. Heads high, you did w...
Exactly as I thought, a close win for Bayern. Deserved Kings of Europe. To think you're getting Pep and Goetze (and possibly Lewandoski) next season - not fair ...
11 months ago
Torres Goal was class. http://www.feintzebra.co.uk/football/goal-gif-fernando-torres-benfica-0-1-chelsea/
Yes Tello, you better sign that contract!
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