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Shout-out to Denis Suarez too! Luis Suarez struggled all game...
3 days ago
Yes, yes, yes!!! Phew...That was nervy :D Pauli!!
Yep, very poor. Really have to improve in the 2nd half.
Hahaha! Definitely fortunate on that one :)
1 week ago
Ftz87 updated his profile
Hope the international break bug doesn't hit us today. Need to win.
Ftz87 just became a Fan of Barcelona
Pep has coached in 7 UCL competitions. He’s won 2 finals and lost 5 semis. In those 5 semis, he lost the 1st leg away from home. He has never overturned a se...
1 year ago
It's really frustrating to hear people say Pep isn't a great manager because he hasn't won the UCL with Bayern. The UCL is a very difficult competition to win. ...
Beautiful assist! :)
2 years ago
Hmm Pedro..Lets see what he does. I've like Neymar so far in this game
Red card...I knew it.
Yep! Suarez missed a nice chance!
He definitely is. I'm silently worried this game will finish with one team having just 10 men. Hoping not.
Is it just me or are we trying to walk the ball into the net? In my opinion we should have shot a few times but instead went for the pass.
Last year it was Bayern v Dortmund with Klopp's Dortmund being the surprise package. This year it's Real v Atleti with Simeone's Madrid being the surprise pac...
3 years ago
Simeone, legend.
It's ridiculous that people keep saying tiki-taka is dead. It's still very much alive. Just like anything in life it has its flaws and teams can expose them. Bu...
Thank you for restoring our pride :)
Ancelotti may do in one try, what many coaches have tried to do in 12yrs. Congrats on reaching the final, wish you the best in it!
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Chelsea Vs. PSG
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