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3 years ago
4 years ago
Damn, Eriksen.. where did that come from?!
What a blow out.. I was sure Montenegro would dominate this group. Looks like the race is between Montenegro, England, and Ukraine
Good to see Ukraine playing well without Shevchenko. It will be difficult to qualify out of this group as both England and Montenegro are in fine form lately.
Why the hell hasn't Fifa put Shakhtar and Dynamo Kyiv in their Fifa games?!?! These two teams are Champion's League regulars and never get any love
5 years ago
Someone's butthurt over losing 8 point lead.. go cry some more
Hahahaha at 10:54.. what's on his mind?
Hahaha... all I gotta say is that it should've been a red card. Hilarious how Kompany got a red for a harmless tackle, and this Wigan player gets away with a ye...
6 years ago
Right before the 3rd goal... Shevchenko made the pass to Konoplyanka and made a run for it.. Konoplyanka didn't lob it over to Sheva like a good player would ha...
Crazy Nazarenko goal.. Hopefully Ukraine does well in the Euro 2012
Yeah... this is goal of the month, if not the whole year
I was there.. great game. Union had a lot of chances. In the last 10 minutes they had 2 really good opportunities.
Why didn't Sheva play?
Damn.. what a goal! Hopefully it will show up on the top 5 here.
MLS is getting better.. its not a boring snoozefest that used to be anymore
What happened at chelsea?
7 years ago
Do you guys remember Dynamo Kyiv back in the late 90's? They were among the best. I remember 97 or 96 in particular when they beat Barcelona 4-0 at home and the...
Neonazi skinheads... they need to f**k off. Though how is the Confederate flag automatically racist?
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