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I know, nearly as good as Torres!
3 days ago
Wonderful stuff.
"I think I fully understand the love you have for him now that he is playing for us" You will never 'fully' understand it. I don't think I need to elaborate wh...
No, you can't...please leave. Final warning. :D
I wish City would stop copying us.
"and Arsenal I doubt wenger will sign anyone apart from a DM and maybe CB next season." More like: "I doubt wenger will sign anyone"
4 days ago
Just don't drink any Singha. Filth.
FromRaaange updated their profile
Yeah, but you don't have to marry her in this fantasy.
5 days ago
Haha, love it. *goes and weeps in the corner*
1 week ago
Yeah, it's just annoying that we go ahead and then Jose wants us to play like we're his Inter team. 1-0 isn't usually enough to see out a game. tragic. But let's be fair, as much as that was a horrible disappointment, we didn't deserve the three points.
Scary pair. Oh well, Diego's scarier.
Let's be honest, Pep is a pretentious manager.
Haha, and some of you were moaning about James the other day saying he was a silly signing.
More than likely, but you never know. I think he should go to Dortmund if he doesn't come to England.
I know we have a silly amount of number 10's already...but I really want Draxler!
He just shouldn't have started.
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