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I was curled up on the couch, weeping, we're all in such a dire situation with our continued unbeaten run...
4 days ago
Pretty unbelievable, that was not a weak team.
1 week ago
Luis was brilliant tonight.
Yeah, I'm fairly nervous, but really, we should win.
I don't know why you have to make such lengthy posts defending your old manager. Anyone who actually knows anything about football, knows Pep is a great manager...
"I’ve always been clear - I feel good at Chelsea. Every week I repeat the same on PSG. It's a big team, but an inferior league. I don't want to return to Fran...
2 weeks ago
He wasn't so bad in Brasil, but the two tournaments prior to that were atrocious. He was as anonymous as Torres was for Chelsea. So that jumped to mind when I ...
Because Arsenal fans are dumb and let off flares.
3 weeks ago
"He was solid. But i do feel uncomfortable when i see the ball come into our box and he doesnt punch it out or come for it. Iker made some good saves though y...
I'd say Neymar next season will be unplayable.
I know, nearly as good as Torres!
1 month ago
Wonderful stuff.
"I think I fully understand the love you have for him now that he is playing for us" You will never 'fully' understand it. I don't think I need to elaborate wh...
No, you can't...please leave. Final warning. :D
I wish City would stop copying us.
"and Arsenal I doubt wenger will sign anyone apart from a DM and maybe CB next season." More like: "I doubt wenger will sign anyone"
Just don't drink any Singha. Filth.
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Yeah, but you don't have to marry her in this fantasy.
Haha, love it. *goes and weeps in the corner*
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