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More than likely, but you never know. I think he should go to Dortmund if he doesn't come to England.
9 hours ago
I know we have a silly amount of number 10's already...but I really want Draxler!
He just shouldn't have started.
1 day ago
If you hover your mouse over your OP, you can select the edit button.
4 days ago
Make sure you don't have your sights set on one child, because he or she might reach adulthood before they do.
6 days ago
Obviously it would be great if he is, but it's nice to know we have other capable options.
We may have parked the bus, but I'm sure that loss felt more like being f*cked by a train.
1 week ago
He is Danny Welbeck.
Financial Fair Play: give money to Chelsea. Definite paradox.
Oh well, Thorgan can step up to the plate instead! Nah, I'm sure Eden will remain with us for a few more years at least.
Yeah, you whooped Stoke's ass!
Di Maria is amazing at times, but he can be frustrating and inconsistent. Haven't seen enough of James to make a fair comparison.
2 weeks ago
PSG away...3-1... 'YOU'RE NOT COMING BACK THIS TIME, CHELSEA' - Lavezzi 2-0 at home in the 2nd leg. David Luiz own goal in injury time.
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Wow, here comes the late reply (as you can guess, I never check my wall)... I'm really sorry about that and it won't happen again. Thanks for not swinging the ...
I hope he's in the squad next season!
You need Thiago back. He always impressed me the most when I watch Bayern. Amazing passing - totally dictates the tempo of the game. Graceful player.
5 months ago
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9 months ago
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