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Am i the only one seeing Di Maria taking a full swing at a sevilla player? THink thats even more shocking then a low kick. Both Higuain and Di Maria should have...
5 years ago
I remember an "almost world class goal" by balboa for the usa during the wc 94.It was a bicycle kick, but realy beautifully taken and just an inch wide. you c...
Karim van Basten!! Goal of the year no doubt!
6 years ago
I realy dont get it why Robben is hyped like this by so many people. Yes some actions seem selfish but alone in this video i seee him giving 3 beautiful 1 touch...
In my honest opinion when vermaelen left Ajax i thought, he still needs to grow more to be ready for Arsenal 1. Jan Vertongen also a belgian left foot central d...
And dont forget he was working his ass off also defending and stuff. Much respect for Benzema idd.
Real Madrid is like the Antelope. Second fastest animal in the world, but most of the time gets eaten by the Cheetah (Barca) who is the fastest.
What realy scares me that this German team has a average age of 24-25? I mean they are this good already and still most of them are very young. They can play wi...
Wow, that was worldclass finishing idd
If i could rate only Sneijder it would be Awsome -awsome and hmm awsome. Just watching him the whole game is a joy. His consistency, his passing, his workrate. ...
Again.. based on one match, have you seen any other matches before and after? Remember Roy Keane? Eric Cantona? Man you would have hated your own team back then...
Maybe you should base your respect on every game before that final and every game after that final where they play top notch football instead of that one final ...
Not to mention the fact that probably every nation in the poule will get 6 points from them so the difference can be made in goals.
Lots of people voting on result, what if argentina won this penalty shootout the voting result would probably bin vice versa. They both played average imho.
Not a bad result concidering this was holland b (dunno about brasil though) and concidering brasil had something te set straight. No sneijder, no vd vaart, no v...
Why is evrybody so lyrical of Kenny Dalglis? I dont mean he is a bad coach or something, but you cant say he is awsome also. Because the formation he is playing...
7 years ago
Cant we just forget about all the nasty stuff that happened? Yes from both sides there was diving, hard tackles bladibla. Thats all part of the game and we have...
4 times el classico inc!
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