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At the end of the day it was a good game, the tempo was fast the whole game, I'm a barca fan for life and i cringe when Biscuits ( not how his name is spelt but...
6 years ago
Play whoever is in form Kun is in smashing form Tevez not so much, his head and heart ain't in it. so why shouldn't he warm the bench for someone else who wants...
Spend as much money as you want but you can't buy heart and soul of a team...
Over rated might be the case but thailand weren't good enough to take the win.. The aussie never say die spirit got them threw this time..
Great summer spending.. always good to see new players ( well old new players when talking about Cesc) slot right in... Tis going to be a great season of footba...
Welcome Home Cesc.. AWESOME!!!
Arsenals first speed hump, tis a shame they look like a shadow of the arsenal in previous years.. Great to have kids play the game but s**t.. it's time to bring...
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Tis a season to be jolly!!!
So the rivalry continues... regardless on who what your opinion is.. or which side of the fence you sit on... it's going to be a VERY tight and great season for...
Hahaha Sweet first goal indeed but it doesn't excuse his flat top...
2nd leg is going to be AWESOME.. looks like the season is going to start as intense as it ended... gotta love it
Wow can't believe there is actual high lights haha maybe i should goto a game
Once that seed is planted how much effort can a player possibly give if all they have in there head is one more season one more season... totally agree with ya ...
Love that he is moving to Barcelona, finally we get him.. Wenger has done a great job with him.. hopefully you guys can fill his spot with some class
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