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Spurs since 1978. Barca since 1991.
PortYoder (PortYoder) from Kalona, USA
I play for my high school team at center mid and sometimes wing. I am not very strong, and I am of average speed. However I am relatively quick and would consider myself to play wi ...
Rudd (Keita Rudd) New Zealand
Hey Guys! My name is Keita Rudd and I'm a 11 year old male! I live in New Zealand and play soccer for Green Island and my city, Otago! I support MANCHESTER UNITED and I've ...
Tdsmufan (Tristan Da Silva) Canada
Aiming to be a professional footballer someday, not many opportunities in Canada as the sport is not so popular as the ice hockey or american football just to give some examples. A ...
and Spain
If you add me as a friend, and I do not reciprocate, please do not be offended. I have started to deny all friend requests unless I frequently talk with you on footytube
Theturningangel (Premtim Qerimi) from Kumanovo, Macedoni
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