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Munir has apparently completed his medical at Valencia while Paco has completed his medical at Barca.
1 day ago
Fernandinho is a useful player as a box to box midfielder and works hard. He's not a good as Scholes, Alonso or Busquets but he gets the job done covering the d...
The best player currently in Spain...... Arda Turan!Wtf! 4 games 3 goals 3 assists. Compare that with his last season at atletico 3 goals 6 assists And ...
Now 3-1 with an own goal. Lol
2 days ago
I think you guys need Gundogan to complete the team. At the moment you're lacking the deep lying CM who will distribute the ball creatively the way Xavi did for...
Did you guys see Munian at the end? What a c**t! By the way, sergi Roberto might be on the way to becoming Dani 2. The runs he makes, the control, the vision....
You know if you play a team 20 times, eventually you're going to at least become competitive with a half a billion dollar team.
Hahaha how did Suarez not score there?
I hope we don't end up regretting all those misses.
Our finishing has been rubbish. We should be 3-0 up.
Yep SIF. He figured pep out. Pep won 8 trophies while Mou won 3. I suppose Madrid hired him to "figure out" how to avoid losing badly to Barça.
We have become a smooth counterattacking team. We've come a long way from the Pep days.
Rocketic! Arda! Woot woot!
I think it might be time for Digne to replace alba.
City looks so good. We're going to have a shootout with them. Lol It'll be funny if City win 5-0 vs united. Mourinho's Pep nightmares will be back.
I think they're taking a big risk. There are rumors that James is on the way out. Not that they have a problem in attacking options but the transfer ban is comi...
349 appearances, 314 goals, 129 La liga. This when his first 50 appearances were at a time when he wasn't a regular starter and used to get subb...
Jesus, this argument never ends. To say Ronaldo wasn't their best player is ridiculous. But to imply his goal scoring got them through is also stretching it. He...
3 days ago
Real Madrid's fans should pray to God that Casemiro doesn't get injured all season. Without him they have no defense to speak of.
Morata didn't interfere? Lol He went for the ball. When you're not interfering you don't even move towards the ball. He was in play.
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