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It's not 2 million worth of his wine but 2 million bottles of wine. So even if he is selling it at 25 bucks per bottle, its 40m per year. Also, I'm pretty dam...
3 days ago
Betis almost helped us win the league without playing the next game.
4 days ago
^ Hey look, the same guy who again can't accept facts. When there's no factual response, talks like a hormonal 14 year old... Hater...salty! 🤣🤣 Go to YouT...
1 week ago
Buffon was understandably angry. Amongst the many things he said, he also mentioned that similar penalty wasn't given to Juventus. I didn't realize what he was ...
2 weeks ago
You don't do guard of honour in Liga for CWC. Different competitions! Madrid start making new traditions whenever they see fit. Lmfao! Why don't we do guard of ...
Not second highest but he wants to be in second tier in terms of pay scale. He's asking for something like 9m after tax or that's what is rumored. Suarez is in ...
1 month ago
Salah isn't 3rd grade by any comparison. Yes, its silly to compare him to Messi but you don't have to s**t all over a very very good player because people are c...
Uefa? Seriously? You can also say that uefa made sure at least one English team went to the semi finals which has had English participation sparingly for the pa...
Lol Chelsea and Madrid fan. It seems to be a trend. Any EPl fans that also like Madrid seem to say the stupidest things. He's similar to that United/Madrid fan ...
Who said this?
50-50. If it was given I wouldn't be too unhappy but it would have been soft.
Players can't maintain same levels of motivation. Most of them lose focus. Other teams also figure out how to beat the top team. All that will make it much more...
That pass from Alba...Messi would be proud!
This isn't even fun anymore. I miss the times when it was joyful to see Madrid drop points. They've taken the fun out of it. It's like having Christmas every mo...
Gaitan is 30. His career isn't going upwards. So its an easy choice for him to make some big bucks before he disappears. Carrasco moving to China was a bit surp...
Obviously you want la liga and UCL. Who cares about a useless unbeaten stat? The invincibles were very poor in every other competition that year when Arsenal we...
When David Silva put the final nail in the coffin seven minutes later, the former Manchester United star, Neville, said: "A minute before that goal I mentioned...
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