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The amount of money involved in these competitions makes it hard to believe the organizers will leave it to chance. Imagine if by "chance" leicester gets the ea...
6 hours ago
I'm not into conspiracy theories but I do think you got lucky last year. There is also a possibility that uefa is indeed rigging the draws because it's much bet...
22 hours ago
Dagaza: On my first read, I read the word "have" in your first sentence as "is" and I thought, "Gee. Dagaza has seen the light." But then you disappointed me. A...
Lol Aubemeyang ran past him for both goals. Watch the Spain vs Netherlands game and notice how RVP and Robben both run past Ramos in the exact same manner. It...
Tax laws are not confusing. Tax authorities determine which cases to pursue. The economy has been bad and they want to raise revenue which is normal. Also, I ...
2 days ago
We've had a bunch of injuries as well. Umtiti hasn't been available. Alba got injured. Iniesta was out for a long time. Turan was injured. Pique was out. The bi...
Unai emery is still rubbish at defense. Almost lost to ludgogrets. Lost 0-3 last weekend.
And Paco still can't score one...
Teams go through dips. We're about to set a new goal scoring record for group stage. We've had a bunch of injuries. It isn't a great situation but it's not that...
That weighted pass from messi...
These English commentators were saying that lucho needs to win or else there will be talk about whether he's the right man for barca for rest of the season. Wha...
Malik: When the Messi story blew up along with investigations into Iniesta and Pique as well as side stories about Mascherano and Adriano, it was clear they wer...
3 days ago
Messi and Co didn't pay or tried to avoid paying 4.1m euros in taxes for 2 years on image rights and he ended up being sentenced to 22 months prison and 2.1m eu...
And that's where your problem lies - "prove all the stats possible... but this season, all i have seen is barcelona get screwed alot more than expected.. and pi...
^ Why are you so poor with logic? Again strawman argument. Nobody is saying he was a vital player. Adriano provided support during games vs weaker sides which i...
4 days ago
Your edited post shows how much you understand football. And its most likely that you were too young when Luis Aragones was managing Spain. Aragones completely ...
^ Big words for a guy who thinks Ramos is in better form than Pique without actually knowing their stats. Do you even know what you're talking about? If you a...
SA: What are you doing mate? Ramos is the better defender who has yet to concede less than 30 goals in a season. Meanwhile, Pique has done it about 4 times in t...
I'm sure you started watching football after 2009. Which one? Are you talking about the two penalties vs Chelsea in 2009 at Camp Nou that weren't given to Barca...
Firstly, my post was banter. So I'm not sure why you're getting your panties in a bunch. Madrid forum is a cesspool of garbage troll posts. Do you go about poli...
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