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Spartanlad22 Barcelona or dortmund
9 hours ago
Whether madrid has signed him or not is another argument. I find it amusing when I read fans commenting on how any player who is not needed would be a great opt...
11 hours ago
The Sports Science Behind Lionel Messi's Amazing Dribbling Ability | Bleacher Report - (via
Some observations from last night's game: 1) We have a problem at dm. Bilbao slid two balls through our cb line which got converted into goals. Yesterday the s...
1 day ago
Now Suarez can't stop scoring lol
2 days ago
Good! Ass holes. The tackling has got to stop.
Busquets is surely out for a few weeks. Let's hope he hasn't torn any ligaments and it's just a sprain but from the looks of the tackle it seems like it is goin...
It wasn't a challenge. It was an unfortunate collision but the ref is allowing a lot of bad tackles
Busquets looks badly injured.
Iniesta has been competely useless until now.
Messi's vision in fifa should be 100. He sees everything.
The ref is allowing a lot of stupid fouls
They have no choice. They know they can't stop barca from scoring. Their best chance is to try and score goals.
I think the mods are doing a great job. There isn't any need to mess with this anymore. People will always complain about unfair treatment because nobody sees w...
We're going into this game with an attacking lineup. If they don't stay back and try to score this can get ugly for them very quickly.
Ter Stegen, Montoya, Pique, Sergio, Iniesta, Suarez, Messi, Neymar, Rafinha, Mascherano, Alba
You guys have to google funniest football player names. This is a list of American football players:
And "Bolt" is too literal for the fastest man on the planet. What a show off!
Yep. He's on top for sure.
Danny: Bale suffered at tottenham when they played him in midfield. He's the type of player who needs lots of space because his pace is his biggest asset. Apart...
3 days ago
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Franky4fingers Counting people on FT who have 0 logic!
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