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Really liked the movement near the box of our forward line. I don't particularly rate emery as a good defensive coach so I'm not sure whether we should think of...
1 day ago
Badge: I agree with you that wingers and strikers can't be compared but the value of Suarez' work is visible now. Liverpool was closing on scoring 100 goals las...
3 days ago
This is really funny. Move over Manuel Neuer. Ballon D' Or please!
Not sure how Arjen Robben is top 3? GS: 17 subs:3 G: 9 A: 3 Last season: GS: 45, subs: 10 G: 27, A: 18 Compare that with Suarez last year: GS: 57, subs: 4. ...
These are all games played by each of these players including club and country. Ronaldo's stats are heavy on the club side especially in La Liga. Messi has done...
4 days ago
I think Bartra needs a bit of muscle. He gets outhustled by bigger forwards. He reads the game well and his distribution is equivalent to a DM. He also does fai...
Http:// Suarez is handsdown the 3rd best player based on last season's performan...
I think the writer is right about Tata. Barca wasn't fair to him. There are sections of cules who can't seem to let go of Pep. Lucho is struggling because of th...
5 days ago
Just one question: did you guys remove my ability to edit my posts? The last post I made, I didn't realize zilch posted before me and after I read what I wrote ...
Well I was under the impression that you would have to "respond" if I was making incendiary posts but it seems like something else is going on. I did notice you...
Nobody wants you to lessen your posts on footytube (although it is your choice), what I want you to do is be a responsible member of our forum. You are one of t...
6 days ago
Ancelotti criticized di Maria for dribbling too much and losing the ball at times. Lvg said the same about him. He's doing the same tonight. Someone needs to te...
Tanmay, please refrain from calling me a child ever again. Don't care if you ban me for saying this. Sorry, not any context. I agree I respond...
Seriously old Trafford? Booing Messi? Still upset he tore you a new one twice in UCL?
Argentina's pressing is looking very good. Why didn't tata make barca press like this?
Pastore is playing well. If he was in this form in the world cup, Argentina's problem with creative midfielder would have been solved.
Two things: - "I find it interesting..." if you don't like someone's behaviour, REPORT IT. I said the exact same thing to you less than a month ago, and you st...
Well in that case you should feel incredibly lucky as there have been many reports about your behaviour from other mods. The only time I treat people in a lesse...
Zubi is probably trying to save face. He wants Vermaelen to play at least once for a few mins before taking him off so that he can say that his $15 million inve...
Actually, I've been on status once. The previous time someone accidentally put me on status which KgB apologized for. The last time the entire thing blew up bec...
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Franky4fingers Counting people on FT who have 0 logic!
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