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So the logic is: Messi plays better with barca because there's no competition in Spanish league and he doesn't need to push himself. Sanchez is playing bette...
9 hours ago
The world cup winner argument is for people who are 50+ who waited for the wc for 4 years to see the best players get together in one team and compete against o...
11 hours ago
This is all down to martino. After the first half it was evident they were struggling to control the midfield. They couldn't put together 5 decent passes nor di...
18 hours ago
Next copa america is in 2019 in Brazil right?
Tevez is a fighter. He's not as good as he used to be but he's still very competitive. The problem was two holding cms. You go with a double pivot you lose flex...
1 day ago
Not sure what was the idea behind the switch between aguero and higuain. Like for like striker with the replacement much slower. He brings in Banega for Pastore...
Bravo for Ballon D'or. He's win 4 major trophies this year. :)
Lol Higuain. Chile were the better team tonight. Tata plays Biglia and Mascherano. No creativity in the midfield. No possession. No width. Just lobbed long bal...
The commentator just said I'm not sure how many times he has been fouled tonight. Must be some kind of record. But yes, Chile made sure he doesn't get an inch b...
If this goes to pk I pick bravo over Romero. Argentina will lose it.
I think lavezzi made the wrong decision. He should have gone for the shot and hoped for a lucky ricochet
Lavezzi is s**t. I'm not sure why he's there on the field. He's supposed to offer width but he isn't stretching the defense wide. Tevez in the middle could have...
The team has no width at the moment and they're getting their asses handed to them in the midfield.
Argentina doesn't know how to hold on to the ball. Tata is terrible at setting up a tight defense and pressing. Without adm messi gets isolated with three playe...
Hmmm...if one person is running this website then its good money AND if you're in your early to mid twenties. If you have a team working on it then it really is...
Lol I see him and the word c**t comes out of my mouth automatically. The referee has already lost the plot on this one.
$200 a day isn't a lot of money.
2 days ago
I think they're looking for Rakitic's backup. Turan, in theory, is a player who can play a deeper attacking mid but his numbers aren't that great. He is not ver...
3 days ago
So the new rumor is barca have offered €35m for Turan. Lol
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