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Interesting, the pressure aspect is very true. If anything like you said, instead of some teams getting calls consistently, it's the referees who will consisten...
7 hours ago
You read that post? ha I wrote it a 3 years ago. Honestly I don't have time to do any kind of writing. I had intended to put together analysis of Barca games on...
12 hours ago
Hey Franky, I read some of your blogspot post on Barcelona and getting help from refs, good stuff there. I think the fact is Barcelona and Madrid are two teams ...
I hear Rafael is also available. He'll fit right in with Douglas and Glen Johnson. While we're at it lets revive our quest for Luiz and develop a line up of def...
Nobody is equipped to handle a messi injury. Our season will fold if he is out with an injury. He isn't starting for Argentina tonight. I hope they don't let hi...
I think united will make sure there is a player swap with cash for de gea's transfer. I won't be surprised if madrid unload cr7 for a boat load of money + de ge...
2 days ago
Madrid are reportedly discussing casillas' summer exit with his agent. De gea is their intended target.
In theory a meter or 2 shouldn't make much of a difference but when skilled dribblers like messi, neymar or even your hazard play a couple of meters extra to de...
Neymar has matured a lot as a player since he joined barcelona. The best thing about him is he has yet to hit his peak. If he's this good now I can't imagine wh...
You guys were talking about the recent plane crash. Some new information on the crash:
3 days ago
Dagaza: enough of insinuating that people were "whining" out of jealousy because madrid was on top. Check the penalty statistics for the first part of the seaso...
Yes Dagaza its not a kick. Just an unnecessary nudge with his leg. This is why I think the ethical standards in Spain are despicable because of fans who try to ...
Pedmar :
The biggest club in Spain and possibly in the world with a history of favoritism in Spain complaining about different set of rules for barca? Now I've seen it a...
Danny: I think you missed the "team" part. You have never had a "team" ie group of 11 individuals playing together that have been considered to be the best "tea...
4 days ago
I haven't heard anybody describe your team like that. Biggest does not mean the best. ;)
5 days ago
Messi limped out of Argentina training session. He will undergo medical tests.
Shhh its a secret. Wouldn't you want to at least try to become the best club football team in the history of football? ;)
Madrid is pressing charges against the people who did that.
Zidane along with other french coaches visited bayern to watch pep coaching bayern. Real madrid secretly wanting to be like barca. ;)
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Franky4fingers Counting people on FT who have 0 logic!
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