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Jesus Christ! Mathieu can run fast. They need to change his stats on fifa.
2 minutes ago
I would like to see a clean sheet today. Pep's best defensive preformance was 21 goals. If we stay at 19 while scoring over 110 goals it has got to be a record ...
22 minutes ago
Special ceremony planned for xavi. He will be given the la liga trophy and a massive banner is going to be unfurled in the stands today. Expect lot of crying. X...
26 minutes ago
He had a spine injury because of which he lost a year. He's a very good player but its a massive risk.
18 hours ago
We had one player sitting on the bench all year because of his injury issues. Let's buy another injury prone player and just hand out salaries for free.
19 hours ago
Perez has the mentality of corporate ceo and runs the club like a company. He needs to fire coaches because he has to pass the blame to them. If he doesn't he w...
21 hours ago
A few days ago the rumor was psg wanted to buy messi, adm and pogba. Lol
22 hours ago
Maldini has European cups. If we count it that way then many madrid players have 5 European medals. In the ucl era its only seedorf until now. But he has the di...
Mou left because he was surely going to get fired. He just made sure he kept his reputation intact by calling it a mutual agreement to cancel the contract. It's...
It isn't "official" unless the club announces it and puts it up on their website.
I think there's only one player who has won 4 champions league trophies - Clarence Seedorf. Xavi has the opportunity to add the 4th ucl to his collection of med...
1 day ago
Pep. But I understand your point. And perez can't get pep either.
2 days ago
Llorente will not start. Morata will. The key will be whether juve can stop msn or not. You can't discuss man to man coverage because juve aren't stupid to not ...
Pejvi: In my many years watching madrid I've never seen any madrid team to be a very good defensive team. In fact I don't think madrid has ever conceded less th...
He had a fight with ribery too.
Malik: I just realized how old I am. The younger population doesn't even know who kournikova is. Back in the the day you couldn't even spend a day without heari...
3 days ago
Did Lewandowski trip him with some ball skills too?
Let me sort it out for you guys. Whoever you think is the best between Nadal, Federer or Djokovic - Yeah, that's Messi in this analogy. Cr7 is Anna Kournikova...
I was watching a clip of Suarez in the stands at the Calderon with other players next to him. Suarez was so jumpy with constant oohs, aahs, standing up every ti...
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