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Are you for real? Are you aware that those were right winged conspiracy theories which have been debunked a million times over. Jesus Christ, people believe any...
7 hours ago
James wants to leave. Zidane hasn't given him much play time. When a player is unwanted and wants out his price goes down (usually). We sold alexis after he had...
12 hours ago
Modric was overheard telling his teammates, "Now I know how it feels when an undeserving team wins." :-P
19 hours ago
How is she a murderous bitch?
1 day ago
Lol Croatia pushing to win and almost score twice and Portugal score. That's why teams play conservative football.
Not a shot on target by either sides. The commentator is joking that let's hope we get a shot on target when it goes to penalties. Cr7 hasn't had a single sho...
The brexit leaders have a similar platform as Trump. They tried to lie about economic benefits and realized their lie was exposed. So they changed their stance ...
2 days ago
Such simplistic referendums make a mockery of the democratic process. Majority of voters in every country know jack s**t about the issues or the actual impact o...
3 days ago
Yes pejvi context is so important. When pep didn't hand him the ball during the game, cr7 "understandably" pushed him. Even then I understood where the anger wa...
4 days ago
Of course Slim. With Pique's history he doesn't get a benefit of doubt. Meanwhile cr7's "history" is forgotten and he did what a normal person would do. The guy...
To sell him back for profit.
5 days ago
Peterzegooner: Defending in football requires a lot of energy. You run out of steam by 60 mins if you run like a dog trying to defend as well as attack. Its hum...
6 days ago
Peterzegooner: Football is played over 90 yards of pitch with 11 players unlike basketball where 5 players attack and defend together. Its impossible for one pl...
Pejvi: We "expect" parked buses because that's what barca faces every game since 2009. We actually whine when big clubs like Chelsea, madrid and inter park the ...
1 week ago
Hikmat: Kinda like Spain 40 years ago. Hahaha jk
I was reading about this group of Croatia fans who have traveled specifically to sabotage their team's chances. Yesterday Croatia was leading and they disrupted...
Uh oh! Morata's price just went up by 10m.
When you're the best known footballer in the world and you complain about a parked bus for a team that is playing in their first international tournament, it ki...
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