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How do I appreciate my employee's work? By giving him a bonus or raise. If my employee sees me hiring new people for more salary than him even after he performs...
18 minutes ago
Samper in God mode :
5 hours ago
I think they should give us a million "awesome" points for winning the treble. #UEFADRID
6 hours ago
Madrid, I think has had more wins in group stages over the past 5 years. Up until atleti eliminated us we were a permanent fixture in the semis for the previous...
Which clear dive? Were you intending to post some video clips because I can't see anything?
Bayern start their season with a loss too Wolfsburg.
1 day ago
City's defense was bad but here's the thing, they conceded 38 goals in the league. United conceded 37 I think. Arsenal conceded 36. Southampton was the only tea...
2 days ago
Drogbalampard: That's why I said, "There are players who struggle." Players from Spain usually do alright or better in England. If you follow the logic of some ...
Whenever I hear this "epl has better defense" crap I always ask this question: EPL has been the highest scoring league amongst the top European leagues for ove...
I'm sorry but how were Ramos, Marcelo or Benzema unfinished products? Varane is the only one on that list who was developing. In theory every player develops un...
3 days ago
Its not necessarily arrogance but rather incompetence. Also the rules regarding transfer of minors are relatively new. Sooner or later one or the other clubs wa...
Hunting to eat is natural but wanting to hunt and eat near extinct species is disgusting behavior. I understand the need to hunt deer. If you don't their popula...
Footyman: You can't "find" work for them. The idea that a club can assist a parent in finding work just to have their kid train is also not acceptable to fifa a...
OT: This dentist from Minnesota paid $55,000 to kill a lion in Zimbabwe. Hunters are such a bunch of pussies. People who love to hunt innocent animals should be...
4 days ago
Xgooner: Messi came to Barca at age 11. That was 16 years ago when FIFA laws were different. Jeroen: We got a transfer ban not for transferring players but fo...
Not so fast Jeroen. You get to leave the earth after you help your team win a champions league title. :-p I like hazard but I don't think he will ever get to ...
Rajmahal: Its sexist in a way that as a wife she has to take care of her husband's diet. I don't think he meant it in a way that her place is in the kitchen but...
That's what makes messi the greatest. Raul had finesse in finishing with chips and easy rolls. Ronaldinho used to dribble past 2-3 players with ease. Ronaldo us...
Can you imagine the things mou will say after he retires and is old, senile and doesn't need to give a f**k about uefa and the fa? Haha
5 days ago
It would have been a lot lot tougher with a fitter Bayern Munich team. They didn't exactly play scrubs. I don't think Ribery's presence would have made a big di...
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