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Hikmat: I will partially agree he's a better man manager than Rafa because there were other conditions working for him w/r/t his relationship with his team. Whe...
15 hours ago
Dagaza: My bad. I was watching the game in Arabic so I didn't know why the team was selected. In any case, my larger point was that Zidane's instinct in times o...
16 hours ago
I swear...Zidane has Isco and James sitting on the bench and he goes for f*****g nacho. He creates working line ups which deliver the game somehow. I read an ar...
1 day ago
Everybody keeps talking about Zidane or Lucho or Pep or Mou. Sampaoli has done a phenomenal job at Sevilla. He hasn't bought big and is managing with relatively...
Holy s**t! Sevilla up. Streak ends. Liga opens up again.
Ramos scored an own goal. He continues his goal scoring streak in the last few mins. #clutch #legend
Here's something I remember from Capello's time at madrid. He won the league but was sacked 1 week later because madrid weren't happy with his "tactics". He was...
He doesn't trust Fernando and Fernandinho is suspended for 4 games. Gundogan is injured so it was Yaya with zabaleta. So when he ran the table with 9 wins in a ...
Its getting old...the trolling!
I saw a 3-5-2 formation in the beginning and I thought Zidane was being adventurous. Now I realized it's more like 5-3-2 lol
Mourinho said "it's good to know Liverpool can defend" trying to highlight their defensive stance to guard their 1 goal lead. It's so funny seeing him talk abou...
Thiago is great but he isn't Iniesta type player. In fact Rafinha seems to have better dribbling skills in attack. Thiago is better playing a bit deeper distrib...
Should we get coutinho to replace Iniesta? What do you guys think? He seems to be the right guy with a similar skill set and more goal scoring skills although I...
I don't necessarily blame bravo for City's problems. Guardiolas high line system exposes the gk just like barca's. The DM is extremely important for coverage. F...
Another goal from another teenager. Scores through Bravo's legs.
Now a teenager ran through city's defense lol
His quality didn't go down over summer. He made several errors in our last year. Stones has been disappointing. The thing with players who play for smaller team...
Carroll > Giroud > Mkhi ;-P
Bravo has become s**t. He made some errors last year with us after being stellar the previous year. He can't seem to be able to stop any shots with city. To be ...
So when they don't miss sitters the score goes up instantly!
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