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Footytube has this video up here which reminded me of our Dutch team 15 years ago:
5 hours ago
SIF: teams that constantly probe defenses... In case you didn't realize it, barca does that non stop. There are two aspects to the way barca played under pep: ...
8 hours ago
Mou doesn't design such plays. He has Oscar, cesc, hazard who are capable of doing it themselves. The only thing he is good at designing is counterattacks.
I would still pick Pique over Bartra because of experience. We don't need to worry about Bale because he was a no show for most of the big games last year. Exce...
11 hours ago
It's okay if we both have different opinions about pep. The only thing I've highlighted is you're saying things about lvg and other managers which aren't exactl...
15 hours ago
He was assisting more last year and I'm glad he has taken up the challenge. One of the things I've noticed is neymar tries to make runs from the left wing dem...
17 hours ago
I think Busquets has been playing below his level. There were at least 3 games this season where he has given up the ball near the box. Luckily for us, those we...
Plus it will be a great wake up call to busi to up his game and compete for his spot.
1 day ago
Neymar was very good in the first half. He was the one moving the ball the most and creating chances.
2 days ago
How inspired was eibar's gk? Neymar MOTM for us. For eibar it was clearly their gk. Saving 3-4 goals from point blank range especially when it's coming from ...
It reminds me of the pep days. It was nearly impossible to get free kicks or pks near the box because you know the ref is feeling bad for the other team.
Pedro C- Alves C Pique B- Sergi B Xavi B Pedro runs around like a headless chicken. Alves and his mindless crosses. Xavi is not releasing the ball quickly to n...
Our first goal has been the toughest to get this season.
I'd like to not be too harsh but Pedro's play is getting poorer by the day. He offers nothing other than crappy back passes to alves and xavi.
Eibar's all time record signing is €75000. Barca's record signing €75m is not even playing.
Speaking of liabilities, Rafael is one!
Apparently Dani alves signed for united.
JRadical: Of course you can spend days arguing about Messi. Because all of it is personal opinion which is fair but the bs that ticks me off is the standard stu...
I some in the media are taking PEPs achievements too far by claiming he's one of the greatest managers. Its too early to say that although by trophy count he's ...
^ I agree. Pep won't go to city because he wants to manage united. City wants to create a barcelona type system which is why they are shaking their facilities w...
3 days ago
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