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41 minutes ago
And he facilitates the 2nd goal. Speaking of missed chances, saf messed up big time with pogba. Wenger laments that he couldn't sign cr7, messi, di maria. Saf...
Pogba just scored a stunning goal. His price for madrid just went up by 5 million. Lol
58 minutes ago
Why are you guys surprised about this? Mou poked tito in the eye and tito responded by slapping him on the back. Both got a 1 match suspension. The Spanish medi...
1 hour ago
His obsession with his looks? It's called narcissism. You know what is the common trait for narcissists - arrogance. There was this one time when he said peopl...
2 hours ago
Brushing the cwc badge was brilliant? Kinda like asking your opponent how much money he makes when you get into an on field scuffle? It wouldn't matter if he br...
7 hours ago
The league cup is considered by most big clubs as a big waste of their time and money. Most managers would love to lose at the initial stages so they don't have...
18 hours ago
Wenger had tried to sign messi, pique and Cesc together. Messi turned him down because he wanted to stay at barca. If I was Wenger having gone through 7 years...
Cr7's manager has revealed in his book that Wenger was supposed to sign cr7 in 2003 much before united were in the queue for him. So wenger's claim is true afte...
^ lol How do you improve perfection? The guy has to wear a cape and fly for people to say he's doing better than before.
I don't think la liga reprimands players based on video evidence. The ref is required to write it in his match report. Only then will the league look in to the ...
1) Messi 2) Neymar 3) mascherano 4) pique 5) alba/alves/rakitic Players not doing so well 1) busi 2) Iniesta Rafinha needs more starts to build confidence. I ...
20 hours ago
To be honest, barca played an average game. Defense made several mistakes which elche didn't capitalize on. The game got away from them in 10 mins of brilliance...
This is why FA cup is so exciting to watch. Bradford came back from two goals down and beat Chelsea. Chelsea fielded a weaker side but the gap between the two s...
Or we will win the ucl and cdr! :-p
I agree. It gives smaller clubs a chance to win because if a big club takes it easy they might be out. In a two leg format it allows the bigger team to fix prob...
21 hours ago
Isn't it amazing how football works? Last year we were untouchable in the first half of the season whIle madrid had a few hiccups when they started. Then they w...
Loving the inform neymar.
Didn't he throw a punch earlier this year as well?
22 hours ago
I know right? The arguments were messi cursed his mother so it was so bad. Cr7 should have got a red for the previous punch he threw.
23 hours ago
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Franky4fingers Counting people on FT who have 0 logic!
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