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I think Messi's pk conversion rate is at around 80%. It's not bad for an average player but it's still quite bad for Messi while considering his goat status. ...
3 days ago
These rules are rubbish imo. The transfer windows rules for example, are the reason why prices of players are going through the roof. Similarly, if a player is ...
His release clause is 160m pounds. I don't think anybody will pay that much for a 30 year old DM. And Barca isn't going to negotiate for Busquets. If the pay th...
6 days ago
The forecast is for -19!
1 week ago
Never seen "best player of the year" fall so badly after getting the trophy. It shows what kind of fraudulent system it is in voting for best player. The fact i...
Https:// 😂
Lol When it rains, it f*****g pours! ZZ in trouble.
2 weeks ago
I am quite sure the coutinho deal was made in summer. Even if Barca and pool hadn't decided on the transfer amount, I'm 100% sure Pool and coutinho had an under...
If it's true then I get a feeling, that was the deal that was already made at the end of last season. Liverpool might have agreed to the deal but only postponed...
3 weeks ago
Why do we need Salah exactly?
Vermaelen is one of the best defenders? Lol Yeah it's a concern but I doubt he's going anywhere. I think united want him but he looks like he's enjoying his ti...
Whining about referee coming in post match interview in 3...2...1
United drew Vs Southampton. Maybe Southampton is also spending a lot more money than united! 😂
"Pep is more attacking minded while Mourinho gives importance to building a strong defense." I love how this myth is so prevalent amongst football fans. Pep is...
He has one formula... counterattacking. He has no idea how to set up a team to play creative passing and attacking football. I'm pretty sure if Silva or KDB wer...
5 years is a good enough period to judge. Yes United f****d up in the market but City did too. Pep his using Sane, at an insane level. I'm sure Rashford would d...
By the way, as much as mourinho loves to moan about city's spending here's the difference: In the last 2 years, net spending for both clubs City: €345m Unit...
I think you have goals tally for every player wrong
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