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2 weeks ago
I don't mind it. I just get annoyed with the unread messages sign on my phone.
I live in the middle East. I'm well aware of what goes on here. Not sure what the middle East has to do with Spain. The reason why I mentioned they're not Euro...
Well the middle East isn't Europe and they're called developing countries or the third world of you want to be crass. So there's no point comparing a European c...
3 weeks ago
At this point I don't care as much about football. Did you guys see videos of Spanish police beating up people who were trying to vote for the referendum. It's ...
Update: game is going to be played behind closed doors.
Today's game is cancelled due to violent protests in Barcelona. Plus we face 6 points deduction and economic sanctions for cancellation of game. Lol so much fo...
Based on initial form it seems like the EPL title is coming back to Manchester. City are playing impressive football but they had a similar start last season be...
Barcelona would play in France. They're on the French border and Catalonia have a lot in common with France. Joining any other league wouldn't make sense.
Also, it's not necessary that ANY ball to hand incident is not a foul. If a player makes his body bigger by extending his arm without looking at the ball, it ca...
Here's where you don't know all the rules. According to FIFA rules when a player slides and uses his arm to break the fall accidentally touches the ball is not ...
Wait until that united troll comes up with some insane logic and ties these own goals back to Barca. Perhaps we're paying our opponents to throw away games. Ma...
This has got to be embarrassing for Messi 😂
Suarez' form is a huge concern. The kind of chances he's missing is beyond belief. His form has been average since January of last year. We won the league 2 sea...
Hikmat: My fact based posts seem to be too much for you to handle? When we get rubbish penalties I call them out. Unfortunately I don't wear blanco goggles and ...
This might be the year of handballs for them after last season's year of offsides.
Everybody is playing like s**t. Not sure how we're winning this one.
1 month ago
Wtf! 2 OG's?
Haha Its funny how these Madrid kids open their mouths and CR7 proves these princesses wrong.
Paulinho is the only one at Barca who can head the ball. Sad!
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