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Of course. United is about to pay €120m to juventus for Pogba. Was Napoli going to let them have their best player for nothing?
3 days ago
I don't dislike him. When you guys sold him, he was doing almost as well as benzema and I thought it was a mistake for you. I just think he's not worth close to...
^ There's a fifth point - Diving And a sixth point- whining. Ronaldo gets disqualified right there.
Are you two brothers? Why you gotta hate on American cars man? Do you want Ferrari to sponsor your jersey? lol
4 days ago
Barca has Busquets, Iniesta, Turan, Rakitic, Rafinha, Suarez, Sergi Roberto and Samper as full time midfield players. Then we have Mascherano who will find hims...
He'll be 29 this year in another 4 months. He was valued at 65million euros while lewa was valued at 75m and both benz and Aguero were valued at 60m. These thre...
I personally don't like tattoos but come on, to each his own. He has his children's names, hand prints and Jesus carved on his body. Whatever floats his boat. Y...
This has got to be the biggest transfer joke in the history of football. Higuain for £79m? What the f**k is up with that? This makes Suarez and Neymar deals lo...
I've always liked Gomez but I doubt he can fit into our style of play. He had 4 great seasons with bayern but pep bundled him away because he's not a pass and r...
5 days ago
We have to sell someone now. He's definitely a signing for the future but I'm not sure how everybody is going to get a chance to play? By the way €35m isn't...
6 days ago
^^ I think he's making a list of players who aren't always injured. :-p
Pedmar: Learning is a good thing even if its about a rival club. You should try it sometime. Knowledge will set you free. Or at least it will stop you from maki...
1 week ago
SIF: Barca's revenue last year was around €608m. The board had projected that the revenue would be €630m this year but its gone above that. I read somewhere...
Barca extended their sponsorship contract with Qatar airways for one more year. Meanwhile, Barça recently announced their revenue for last year at €670m. A...
His shin broke into two and his socks were holding his leg together. Probably one of the worst things I've seen in my life. Looking at the x-rays I doubt he's e...
Just saw Demba Ba breaking his leg in china. Can't unsee it now!
A good explanation of the messi tax case details: Like I said earlie...
It was just a joke. Jesus Christ. Chill the f**k out. There's no need to write a research paper on it. Pedmar: I could easily school you on your own club's hi...
Oh whatever! That's only when they win a treble.
Good job copying our purple jersey. If you want to be like us then play better football! ;-p
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