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I was expecting some hate from the city and psg fanbase after 2 years of ucl matches but nothing happened. Opportunity missed! St1or: You're right. Dagaza is ...
6 hours ago
I was hoping nobody would bother responding to this. Dagaza was obviously hinting at Barca. I think there's a slight misconception here. Most Barca fans hate Mo...
13 hours ago
By the way, there's something about BPL referees. Wilshere got pushed down in the box and his shot at close range was handled by the defender. No penalty. Why d...
14 hours ago
Sanchez 2 goals vs hull city.
15 hours ago
Dagaza: I stopped playing FIFA online. I couldn't take the torture of slow motion football anymore.
I'll take any win but I don't know man. 1 or 2-0 against a bayern team managed by Pep at Allianz Arena? Too close for comfort. But I do agree with you. Keeping ...
Saw this online. For those who missed the mayweather-pacquiao fight here are the highlights:
Actually we need to win by a bigger margin. They're injured and it is our best chance to get some insurance for the tie. If we go to Munich with a 1-0 or 2-0 sc...
16 hours ago
18 hours ago
Its funny but these are totally unnecessary. I personally don't dislike Chelsea but I definitely don't like mou. They have an understandable affection for mouri...
I'm not sure why people are doubting Mourinho's abilities. He did win 2 UCL titles which is an achievement by itself. But let's not make it a bigger deal than w...
19 hours ago
Last time I checked your coach can't get over barca and pep because he's been the one trolling on international tv.
20 hours ago
Tanmay : Mou talks because he's competitive.
Dagaza: You're forgetting that mou had a clause in his contract that he will get paid a massive severance (around €10m) if madrid fired him. Madrid didn't wan...
Man utd 8 arsenal 2. Lol And we aren't even talking about bottom clubs. This was during the year we destroyed united at wembley. Chelsea 6 arsenal 0 Chelsea ...
1 day ago
Jeroen: this is the first time I played df. After the first week you were 1000+ points more than me. I never understood why I started with 0 and you didn't.
Who cares if you play boring football and win? the goal is to win. Would I care if my team won by playing ugly? Maybe. But that's a mentality that fans of clubs...
Realfan: So mourinho kicked barca off their throne? Stopping a team from kicking his ass is kicking them off their throne? Every club goes through cycles. Barca...
^ Unbelievable.
Moeb8: you seriously think winning 2 titles in 3 years is great with a team that's worth half a billion dollars? I agree that a manager's job is to win titles...
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Franky4fingers Counting people on FT who have 0 logic!
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