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Lol Jeroen. I was going to write "Insert mom joke here..." but you beat me to it.
8 hours ago
You did vs barca. ;)
13 hours ago
He's deeply involved with catalan independence. Do you really think he's going to do it? Steven Gerrard was afraid to leave Liverpool because of threatening fan...
19 hours ago
Sif: TV revenue does make a big difference for barca and madrid but the top 6 in epl make over £90m with the 1st placed team making around £99m. Barca and mad...
22 hours ago
Best tax evasion award: Neymar Best blackmail award: Benzema Diva of the year award: Cr7 (6 time winner in a row) Best diving performance: Cr7 (again 6 time win...
Who said this: “We ended last year very well, and Barça were far worse than us but they won the treble.” Haha
1 day ago
Messi wins best forward award.
Neymar wins best player from the Americas. Where is messi from? Lol
LFP awards are being presented tonight. Best gk: Bravo Best defender: Ramos. Not sure why because other teams in la liga can't have best defenders Best midfi...
I highly doubt that English players will get better than Spanish players. I was having this conversation with my buddies from uk. My theory is that bpl is like ...
Sif: Ever since they started the award the best players in the world are usually from madrid/barca or they end up there eventually. At least that has been the c...
Silva, Aguero, navas, Yaya, Costa, sanchez, ozil, cazorla, courtois, zabaleta, fabregas? Then there's a bunch of players in other non winning teams like moren...
Lol Its difficult to pick up your sentiments over the internet especially when you wrote And.... I actually don't think 7 players will be from barca
SA is talking about this one:
Pejvi: You had 12 in la liga! You can't get favorable decisions consistently in an international tournament because of bias. But you can surely get it in a dome...
Because of butthurt! Ha Team of the year should be: Messi, Neymar, Suarez Rakitic Busquets Iniesta Alba Pique Mascherano alves Bravo Bench: Cr7, lewand...
This year Fifa ballon D'or awards should be s clean sweep for Barca. Apart from the main award for messi, lucho has to get coach of the year and messi again for...
Pejvi: Last year they made it too obvious by giving 12 pks in the first half of the season. This year they're taking it easy. ;)
Http:// Barca play pure football! :) I agree that this team ...
Wow! This escalated quickly. It was a penalty. Futboll: lol Yeah mate. Cr7 is great at pks. When that's your only contribution in the game, you might as wel...
2 days ago
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