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Lol just saw your post. And you're right, I really need to start ignoring him. I've been doing that for a while but when he said "sure Messi scored 50 goals" a...
2 days ago
They were busy doing shady stuff which is why a budding talent who wanted to come to Barça went to madrid for lesser money than what Barça were willing to pay...
3 days ago
Asensio just scored a stunning hatrick. Good job Barca management!
4 days ago
Its not just teenagers. This guy who used to work with me and have known him for about 8 years is suddenly a die hard madrid fan. I suppose he was a closet fan ...
Its that time of the year again when Spanish authorities go after players for evading taxes. And apparently crissy boy wants to leave madrid over the tax issue....
5 days ago
My point is : the bar gets higher and higher for messi and gets lower for cr7. Case in point: Portugal qualified for the world cup in the play off vs Sweden. It...
Just saw your comment on the madrid forum in response to Vaaz saying "sure he got 50 goals". Lmao I don't know why you bother indulging that moron. He is the av...
1 week ago
Iscodisco: YOU are the kind of football fan that has been writing "overrated" for Pep even though he wont 14 trophies in 4 years for Barca after overhauling the...
Zizou: The point was that if Zidane had faced Barca when Benitez faced us - in October when were in top form, he would have been dead meat. Zidane has created...
^ I'm glad you realized what was the driver for your team's success unlike other fanboys. We got run over by Juventus because our midfield laid an egg in the fi...
^^ HAHAHAHAHA Better overall...Were you looking for Because CR7's stats aren't equal to Messi's, you choose UCL ONLY. LOL Messi is the only player o...
Hindsight is 20-20. Sandro and Munir were given many chances, much more than Deulofeu or Tello got. Yet they failed to produce much and in fact were generally w...
2 weeks ago
And might I add, I'm looking forward to watching neymar next season. His role as a playmaking forward has put him in position to take over Messi's throne. Suare...
Why is Bellerin overrated? He is by far one of their best players after Sanchez and Ozil. If that solves our problem for the next 6-8 years then why not? We bou...
Marco Asensio scored the 4th goal for Madrid yesterday. That has a lot of significance for Barca than Madrid. His transfer to Madrid represents the failure of t...
^ Learn to look at other things than just the ball rolling into the net. This is a team that has scored at least one goal per game in the last 60 odd games. You...
I think Real's midfield is clearly the best in the world. And that's where all the credit lies for the season IMO. Modric and Kroos didn't need to prove themsel...
Hahaha DaGaza. I would say Cuadrado was stupid but a STOMP? If that's a stomp then all the s**t your players pulled in the last few years - that's a murder scen...
Are you talking about Ramos? Well, Cuadrado is a moron to begin with. Why even bother to try and get back at Ramos when you're already on a yellow?
Honestly, if you look at the highlights of the Juve game vs us and this game - the big difference was whatever they shot went in the first half of the first leg...
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