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I agree. We were playing this game after 6 days. Our next game is next week. Why is he resting Alba or Iniesta? Why is Busquets sitting? We don't have a crowded...
1 day ago
The team selection. Why was alba on the bench? Why are Rakitic, Gomes and Rafinha playing together?
Why is he trying to dribble in defense by cutting in field? You NEVER go across the field in defense. School boy error.
Sergi's form as RB has really gone down
I guess that's not happening.
I would like barca to win but I don't want them to release their frustration on Leganes.
Yes. We would. We have gotten so tired of winning trophies for the last 10 years that now we want to take a break from winning trophies for another 10 years. Se...
Not a good idea to announce it early. Such things deflate the team. If you want to leave, leave immediately.
4 days ago
Seriously. This is what I don't understand about football fans. We had a trophyless season and he followed that up with a treble during which we beat EVERY cham...
You can take our player out of barca but you can never take barca out of our player. :-p
5 days ago
Well, arsene can now concentrate on getting 4th place and keep the extra money coming in. Sometimes I feel like he's more of an accountant for arsenal than a co...
Apart from our rubbish performance we needed a bit of luck with draws this year. Our team is just recently beginning to play ok football and we ran into an in f...
Because that was his release clause which became active since he didn't play enough games. Our management should have known about this. This was when Tito was m...
Thiago scored 2. The guy who could have been our Xavi replacement is now lighting it up for bayern. Thanks barca board and thanks Pep!
I agree there's an over reliance on the front three. There's something that I've been noticing for all this season with this team. As much as I think Gomes has ...
Maybe our players need to watch the games tonight and learn how to run fast around the field.
This end of an era talk happened in Tito Villanova's and Tata's year. It happens every time Barca fucks up. This team plays a lot different than how we used t...
I thought Andre Gomes needed to be given a chance to prove himself but I have concluded he is not a barca guy. He might be a very good player in another team bu...
6 days ago
Vs Bayern we had Messi with an injury, couple of suspensions and facing a team that was in treble form. PSG has been in form lately but they're no Bayern. You c...
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