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First, let's look at the reality of things. We went from an all powerful midfield to the best front line which made life easier for the coach. Now we're trying ...
11 hours ago
Read this and weep cules: We used to have a...
21 hours ago
Cristiano wins game against barcelona but 2 days later..... 😂😂
1 day ago
Dembele is behaving rather unprofessionally but I think he knows exactly what he's doing. Dortmund is trying to squeeze out as much as they can for him and demb...
^ Lmao
2 days ago
^ Do you guys even get the point? All players mock rivals. Cr7 had his own calma move. Messi's celebration was epic because of what madrid players were doing to...
Seri was available for the same price.
32 year old ronaldo has been diving for much longer than 30 year old Suarez. Cr7 will dive even when there's nobody on the field.
Lmao! Oh these madrid fans. Dagaza: He has achieved as much as messi but nobody including you thinks he's the greatest ever. So he feels the need to try and g...
3 days ago
Dagaza: When the greatest player in the history of football does it, it's his. Marcelo? Haha Does anybody care what marcelo does? Cr7 lives under Messi's shadow...
Alright! Good game. Valverde needs time to settle the team down. We need Coutinho now more than ever. By the way, did you guys see Cr7 doing the messi celebra...
Its really funny that you guys are complaining about bad decisions and s**t refs. It took 3 months to forget everything huh? 😂
Nobody said claiming a penalty is a yellow. Cr7 has a reputation. Plus the ref saw that he went down easy as usual. Of course he should avoid contact. Because...
Dude that ball went into the corner. No gk could have stopped it.
Just to clarify for all the children over in madrid who are blind - Suarez invited contact from Navas and Navas obliged. Suarez rolled around like a pansy after...
I don't think he dived but when he lost control of the ball and didn't feel the need to try to stay on his feet. He's a very strong player and can easily stay o...
Vidal gave the ball away so many times. And pique is at fault?
Barça pushed too much as usual. They were pounding away at madrid's goal @0-1 while Zidane had everybody in the box for over 20 mins in the 2nd half. The last ...
Come on. He shot the ball right in the corner. That's a 1 out of 10 strike.
Honestly, I'm not even pissed about losing the game. They needed two very good strikes and we conceded an unlucky goal. Through out the game we lacked penetrati...
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