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Ummm excuse me? I said you're asking the question wrong not dumb! You tried to make simplify the discussion and make a false equivalency case in that discussion...
2 hours ago
Palace are also in London.
10 hours ago
Wow. A bunch of insecure nancies showed up. Lol Not sure what my comment had to do with Chelsea but I see I indulged the younger crowd with my comment. Drogba...
They're discussing clattenberg's handling of the Chelsea game today and they're saying refs have to "manage" the game and avoid sending people off. This is the...
12 hours ago
Now you know how it feels when an opponent stamps on your player's hand or someone eye pokes someone on your team or makes horrible tackles on your players and ...
Barca is like...oh so that's how you win a title with two weeks to go. Too bad we have to do it on the last day every year.
I posted that at half time. It got really ugly after half time.
Leicester are champions!
Great to see spurs fighting for the title until the last moment.
13 hours ago
I want to know what question was asked before he said this. He is wrong because I don't think there's any team in the world that can play their "style" against ...
The game yesterday was one of those games where both teams didn't look like they were interested. Barca didn't have a shot on the goal until the 25th min and Be...
1 day ago
How Spanish refs keep falling for the same dramatics again and again is beyond me. Alves went past that guy clearly and he went down holding his face.
2 days ago
Hans: To my knowledge like crxxx said he actually hasn't said that. Some bayern players said they found it difficult. I think Javi Martinez said it too. If some...
3 days ago
^ You are forgetting this thing called La Masia. We will produce another messi. ;)
^ I'm not saying fans don't have a right to demand better from the club. I personally think Wenger has overstayed at the club by around 5 years. If you go troph...
Come on mate. That's disrespectful. Arsenal is considered historically as a top 5 club in England. Liverpool hasn't won the league for 25 years. United didn't w...
Last year, chances created: Barca: 458 goals: 110 Madrid: 540 goals: 118 Bayern: 462 goals: 80 City: 532 goals: 83 Juventus: 456 goals: 72 Psg : 361 goals: 83
Interesting stat from top 5 leagues: Most chances created: Real Madrid (521) Bayern Munich (461) Spurs (460) Napoli (453) Man City (447) .... Barca is at 9th...
Here's some interesting financial stats : Between 03-04 and now the net transfer figures are as follows: Dortmund: €100m Tottenham: €205m Juventus: €275...
Oh come on. Spending does make a difference. 400m deficit is a big deal.
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