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Also, many times prosecution has a weak case but they choose to drag the case on and on hoping that the defendant would get fed up and go for a plea bargain whe...
41 minutes ago
^ Lol I think you need a dose of reality. There's nobody claiming he didn't do anything wrong which I feel you're struggling to grasp. The defense is making the...
1 hour ago
^ Moe: You're making it sound like people are saying it just because of hatred and jealousy of madrid's success. Madrid had a tight game with atletico last time...
^ Lol What does Barca have to do with this?
9 hours ago
You know, I really like your posts. Sometimes I feel you love Barca more than most of us Barca fans here. LOL
11 hours ago
Moe66: You have no idea how many tax consultants are out there who give you bad advice. My friend had a tax consultant who told him he could claim some deductio...
LOL I love it when people with little to no knowledge of issues chime in with their own theories. Just on that stupidity alone he deserves punishment, huh Slim?...
Most players don't really look at their money management strategies which are handled by others especially the ones who let their families handle their money. T...
16 hours ago
We're looking at Florenzi to replace Alves because Bellerin might not be available for a good price. He's 25 and seems to be a good choice being a regular goal ...
He's prone to making errors every now and then. Some days he plays like he's the best gk on the planet and then there are days when he's below average.
I think msn have one more ucl win in them. Maybe next year they'll do it again. I don't see Suarez playing at barca for more than next year. Yes it sounds like ...
1 day ago
Cute. Let it go in less than 24 hours when you guys keep harping about things that happened 3 or 4 or 7 years ago. Haha You do know that you're going to get t...
You have to love the explanations that have already begun to flow. Possession stats don't matter, useless shots matter, you play ugly when you have to, it was h...
Well saying "honey" to a woman whom you don't know is sexist. You may not be trying to demean her but she's not someone's honey here. Do we refer to other men l...
2 days ago
Lol You weren't the one I was referring to. Saying bitch and honey is sexist.
So it seems like Messi has a bad back injury and Suarez won't play in the copa until a few games in. I know messi wants to win an international cup for argentin...
Moe66: Oh come on. Let's not pretend that's its the same. Other teams also get s**t but please give me break if you don't think the internet would break if Barc...
Dagaza: It was a indeed a master stroke by madrid when they signed cr7 3 years ago.
I didn't assume she's a woman. She's a regular on ft and I happen to know she's a lady. Madridunited: I apologize on behalf of barca fans. That's no way to tal...
Alright guys. No need to use bad language for a lady here.
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