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His career will probably get ruined of he leaves right now. Only an epl club can play 50m for him. When you're bought for 50m the expectations go through the ro...
6 hours ago
Almost £100k per year? I would have loved to make 25% as much at 18.
10 hours ago
Does she play football? ;)
Madrid is going to activate the buyback clause for morata for €32m with the intention of putting him back on the market for €50m and make a cool €18m for ...
Suarez is going to score 50 this season unless he gets injured. Messi has to score 22 more in 25 games (if we get to the finals). That's not impossible at all. ...
1 day ago
There are people who have a lot of great ideas but don't know how to execute them. And then there are people who have decent ideas but they implement them with ...
Suarez has 38 goals and 11 assists in 37 games for Barca this season. Most players dream of crossing the 25 goal mark in a year. It does help when you have Mess...
Waiting for Zidane now for a warm Camp nou welcome. Lol
2 days ago
By the way you guys should listen to Venables speaking as a pundit on tv. He is technically a very sound coach. Both him and Gary Lineker have a massive hard on...
You know they have a billion and half people in China? Even if 25% end up watching tv that's a lot of viewers.
Hmmm Have you guys heard of this fella named Terry Venables who actually started Barca's revival in the 80s. Madrid was dominant in the early 80s and Venables f...
Lol Brutal!
Cjazz: Are you under some impression that juup would have repeated the treble if he had stayed? In case you don't remember BBC were in crazy form 2 years ago. M...
The only night I can't watch barca play is when they decide to have a party. No fair barca! Very happy they finished off the tie. Now we don't have pressure for...
Sorriano was barca's general manager during laporta's reign, kinda like ceo. He's ceo at City now. Txiki was Barça's director of football at the same time. Th...
3 days ago
Hikmat: Pep was hired to reform the youth system at bayern. Things like that do not happen over 2 years. Barca benefited from his work at la masia because of hi...
I understand what you're saying. Pep's team had become one dimensional but that was only towards the last year. I remember that goal vs Ajax. Mourinho's madrid ...
When you're supporting a team that's playing against pep then its obviously very boring because they will not let you have the ball. Towards the last year of pe...
Why does he keep going to Morocco?
The 2007-2008 Barca team was surely the best in its league by a margin. Too bad Rijkaard got fired for no apparent reason.
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