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Sergi Roberto has some kind of injury from the Malaga game and Neymar left brazil training after 20 mins. Dunga took him off as a precaution and it seems like i...
13 hours ago
So samper is playing for barca b in third division. How is that going to help his development? I really think lucho needs to use him against weaker teams at lea...
Futboll: Terrible logic yet again. Me suggesting you don't know your president doesn't imply I know more about him than anyone else. When you talk about shady t...
Dagaza: Your boy talks about hair and diving on a topic about hazard and you obviously think THAT is a grown up conversation. Lol
Tharius: Just because its in your interest to make a deal doesn't mean you can't or didn't mess up. Making a deal early means spending more money. It was also i...
Futboll: what's with you and neymar? Lol That treble he's sitting on must've hurt a lot.
I agree with Isco. Ddg had some spectacular performances last year but so did courtois. Ddg has been good for about 1.5 years now but courtois has been stellar ...
Futboll: Is there a reason why neymar is brought into this discussion? Do you know who else perez signed by making a similar "penalty clause" deal in the past? ...
Plus his poker face. Same reaction when he's scoring a game winning goal or clearing the ball.
You're right. Cech is still probably top 10 but he's definitely not top 5. I think its very close between neuer, courtois and ddg. I still rate courtois over ...
1 day ago
After all this talk of DDG, I've been thinking - who are the top 10 goalkeepers in the world at the moment. Here's my list: 1) Manuel Neuer 2) Courtois (close 2...
2 days ago
The injury was also planned so Vermaelen is fresh and feels like s**t so he can use his motivation to destroy our opponents. Well played Zubi, well played!
If he signs an extension he can force united to put down a smaller release clause equal to United's valuation for DDG. He can get 10% from the transfer fee on t...
Even if you reach mobile site scroll down and click desktop site and find your team.
I can't believe people actually think barca's current system is a result of lvg's. Sorry but that isn't the case and the article gives him credit for introducin...
Except Mourinho's words usually have no factual evidence supporting his claims.
3 days ago
Sayrox: Do you watch barcelona play to comment on transfer bans? Barca's team is probably the thinnest of all the top teams in europe. We had alves injured in t...
You gotta feel bad for navas. He wasn't given a chance with Casillas around and now he was being discarded for perez' new toy. Imagine being a madrid player w...
Count: Whoever made the administrative mistake and missed the deadline is irrelevant. The way transfers work isn't necessarily based on market values but the co...
Sources at madrid are claiming a new technology that was just installed at real madrid offices is responsible for the DDG transfer debacle. Real madrid staff th...
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