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Dagaza: LOL True. Here we go with the Suarez racism crap. FA's Spanish language experts actually said that Evra's version of Suarez using the word "negro" was ...
Rumor has it, Barca is telling Isco to not renew his contract with Madrid. They're offering him 20m signing bonus if he joins Barca next year as a free agent. N...
^ LMAO! Good one.
And ALL newspapers are "reporting" it on their after their own fact finding mission...LOL SMH!
I'm saying people who dive justify it in their head as payback for decisions that they don't get. There is no more diving now than before. Now we have more came...
2 days ago
Getting hit on counterattacks is normal for any Barca team. When you play a high line it happens. Our wingbacks operate like wingers so the two CB's have to cov...
Hikmat: Smaller teams don't have decisions go against them. I read an analysis of premier league teams and it had smaller teams occupying the top 10 list of tea...
Generally speaking, refs will not give out yellow cards in the first a few minutes of the game unless you make really bad tackles. 2 exact same fouls - one in t...
I'm not saying his job is easy but messi has been serving goals on a platter to him. He's neymar for God's sake and gets paid accordingly. If messi provides you...
4 days ago
I think the biggest problem is the referee applying rules to control the tempo of the game. Every ref does his own thing and this problem is only in football. I...
Its funny to see how far madrid has fallen. I grew up knowing Madrid, proudly setting the standard in europe for playing beautiful attacking football and their ...
^ If you watched La liga you'd know better. Your blind hatred of Pool and Barca is clouding your opinion.
Not sure what to say about Neymar. Sometimes he looks like the best player on the team but misses open chances. He has scored 14 this season. He should be at 25...
Finally Gomes scores for barca.
How many sitters are we going to miss?
He's not a big talker and communication at big clubs is part of doing your job. These superstars have big egos and you have to treat them delicately, sometimes ...
Only Costa was a bigger c**t at Atletico than Raul Garcia and that's a really high bar for cuntiness.
Messi's through balls can cut through any number of defenders from any ridiculous angle.
Eto speaking like he always does
5 days ago
We're playing a 3 man back line again with a diamond midfield. Lucho experimenting again. I'm a little worried about who is manning the wings.
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