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I was watching arsenal play last night and it got me thinking - when was the last time I saw arsenal step on the field and the opponent was trembling with fear?...
22 hours ago
I like this game. Here are my favorite real madrid seasons: O4-05, 05-06, 08-09, 09-10, 12-13
They should just hand him a yellow on his way in. Then he's allowed 5 punches or elbows for free. I think he'd like that but he'll run through that allowance in...
Danny: You do have some great youngsters. One of things that both barca and madrid have to worry about is reliance on messi and cr7. They're doing the bulk of t...
So lahoz apologized to Espanyol for the offside error. Last year he disallowed messi's legit goal vs atletico which literally cost us la liga. di maria's goal i...
Last year the crucial goals came unexpectedly from your defense while your framed front line wasted chances until the game was sealed. The thing about winning...
1 day ago
They're all trying to clear out their yellow cards. Madrid is so lucky they aren't facing bayern. What would bayern do to their defense is unimaginable.
Its time for arbeloa to get a yellow card. It's already 2 mins past his arrival.
6 defenders now.
Madrid playing a 5 man defense against celta. Lol
Orellana left without throwing grass at anyone.
Don't worry he'll apologize to them later.
I agree with Pejvi. If you give Bale space he does his job really well. When teams stand and wait around he runs out of ideas.
Pejvi: Exactly. Stoke is a bad team just like Portugal. Its false to assume Ronaldo will have similar performance in any team. All players need support includin...
Yeah because cr7 does so well for Portugal where he has no service or support. I'm not saying he's not one of the greatest but let's use facts instead of fictio...
He didn't exactly park the bus but he just did enough to kill the game in the 2nd half.
Oscar was off side on that pk call.
I think hazard is much more versatile than bale. Bale has certain strengths but his biggest weakness is he needs space to do his thing. Neymar and Hazard can pl...
Is anybody surprised the arsenal Chelsea game is 0-0? Jose is several points ahead of everyone. He doesn't care for style points. Sit back and soak up the press...
The ref from yesterday's match apologized to Espanyol players for allowing Suarez' offside goal. It's quite interesting because I'd like to see these refs apolo...
2 days ago
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Franky4fingers Counting people on FT who have 0 logic!
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