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I'm still unsure why Tata didn't start Sanchez vs Granada? I was under the impression that he wanted to rest key players for the final so he dropped Alves, Xavi...
2 hours ago
Even if we make a "comeback" it is upto the other two teams to lose the league. If Madrid lose to Bayern, they will push hard for the league. Same with Atletico...
F DeBoer. Michael Laudrup is actually not a bad manager. He did better with Swansea last season than AVB did with a loaded Chelsea team. Luis Enrique is also a ...
I don't think Atletico will lose to us. Even if they do, they will be winners because they beat Madrid in league play. Unless they drop a game somewhere in betw...
^ That's true. Bayern won't be as exposed as Barca is at the back. If Madrid don't take the few chances Bayern offers, it will be tough to win.
Congrats. Good game. This one should have been worse for barca. They didn't deserve even that one goal they scored.
3 hours ago
I have no doubt in my mind that Valdes would have saved both of those goals.
If you think neymar week be benched, you're sadly mistaken. I think neymar has shown a lot of effort in the last couple of games. I think he can be a lot more l...
Let's see if the cup reaches Madrid in one piece this time or not.
Sanchez offers a lot more penetration and hard work. Cesc hadn't played well in game for a very long time. Tatas loaded midfield tactic worked against city so h...
Pep used to say the brave make their own luck. You go out and take your chances if you want to win, deflections ricochets included
True. It wasn't like anybody was expecting them to win.
Neymar had to finish that chance. His finishing needs to improve.
We are trying to play the same game that we did when pep was around. The difference is we were much younger, quicker and better organized then. There was no nee...
That was pintos fault. It was obvious bartra was struggling for pace.
The kid becomes a man tonight!
4 hours ago
Pepe making that table on a yellow! Hmmmm
I agree. The moment I saw cesc in the lineup I knew this was going to happen. Neymar isn't very effective on the right. Iniesta playing behind neymar flanked by...
One of the biggest problems with the way we defend is we try to press the way we used to but don't actually execute it as systematically as we used to. The resu...
Alves losing the ball dribbling yet again.
5 hours ago
Franky4fingers nominated Neymar (89') for Goal of the Week
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