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United fans might have the worst time of their lives if Pool win the UCL. City wins the league in record fashion while United end trophyless! 🤣
3 weeks ago
Every Barca fan on the face of the planet is in Liverpool's corner while every United fan is in Madrid's corner. 😅 All the best!
Barca should have asked La Liga to use the refs Madrid gets in the UCL! ;)
4 weeks ago
Supercopa was just a bit humiliating although it wasn't surprising since we lost Neymar. Plus we actually played well in the first leg but went about trying too...
Ummm yeah If you plant your foot with studs showing into another player ESPECIALLY from behind, its a guaranteed red card. There's no ifs and buts about it. The...
1 month ago
I don't actually. Can you not see it? 🤣
After watching us play Madrid, it makes me even more mad about the Roma loss. Last night Barca played much more open than what they've been doing all year. Cout...
Oh yeah. Navas foul on Suarez right at the beginning for a penalty? Lol of course that's forgotten. Look at the replays. Navas missed the ball and tripped Suare...
He has a habit of remembering things that didn't happen and creating false equivalency. I remember Ramos getting sent off for blowing kisses at Pique.
Like ninjas in action from Madrid and United. 😂
Well you don't need to hit anybody on the face to get a red card. He made a big deal about it. If he had not play acted maybe sergi wouldn't have been sent off....
A competition which only really started in 2005 has "tradition". 😂😂 Bayern didn't get GOH. United didn't get GOH. It's pathetic when fans make excuses bu...
Bayern fans can be a bit sore about things that didn't go their way however, they were so wasteful it was unbelievable. Not to mention the 2 goals they gifted t...
Congratulations boys! Barca domination in Spain continues!
It's not 2 million worth of his wine but 2 million bottles of wine. So even if he is selling it at 25 bucks per bottle, its 40m per year. Also, I'm pretty dam...
Betis almost helped us win the league without playing the next game.
^ Hey look, the same guy who again can't accept facts. When there's no factual response, talks like a hormonal 14 year old... Hater...salty! 🤣🤣 Go to YouT...
2 months ago
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Franky4fingers Counting people on FT who have 0 logic!
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