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^ I agree. Pique receives a lot of criticism unnecessarily. I do believe Pique has to take the blame for many things such as his inability to cover aerial threa...
21 hours ago
Its a good analysis. One of the things, however, barca fans neglect when comparing the current management with the last one when it comes to net profit and redu...
1 day ago
On the keita-Pepe fight: “When I played for Barca he called me a monkey,” Keita said. “This man is worth nothing. I haven’t talked about it in public b...
Wow DaGaza.. Bravo! Keita didn't write a letter complaining about racial abuse so if he doesn't want to shake Pepe's hand it's childish behavior? My, my. I just...
2 days ago
Not sure who said lukaku was sold for 30m. What I've read, he was sold for 22m -25m which seems appropriate for him. Chelsea bought him for around 11m. Reasonab...
Now that atleti have mandzukic and griezmann, i'm assuming atletis favorite son isn't going to return from London? Or will he considering atleti have to replace...
I thought £3000 was a pretty good deal. Lol the kidnappers seem like reasonable fellas. Tevez was like, "£3000? You're embarrassing me guys. I just made that ...
They released him after a ransom of 3000£ was paid.
3 days ago
Tevez' father was kidnapped and is being held for ransom in Buenos Aires. #crazy
I was just responding to you saying that atletico got that far with grit and determination and that gets you only that far until you meet a more balanced side l...
Asasiyun: "Franky4finger response seemed to imply that Real Madrid's Champions League triumph (and on a different note, Chelsea's) was different compared to t...
4 days ago
Asasiyun: When I spoke of goals allowed stat, I was talking about Real Madrid's overall season (league included) because to me that is what shows what a "balanc...
Asasiyun: I'm not sure why you think atleticos wins weren't tactical ingenuity? I do agree that in sports, the extra bit of motivation is what helps you cross t...
The case is moving forward on the assumption that Leo might have known about the creation of various companies to spread his income in order to avoid taxes. I'm...
Spanish court has decided to prosecute Messi and his father for tax evasion even though the public prosecutor has recommended against it.
It wasn't even a funny prank. This is just being mean.
Apparently, zubi had the agger signing wrapped up last year but Tito was not keen on it. I'm not too sure about Agger. Liverpool had a leaky defense all year. Y...
Torres missing from 4 yards out #unfrickinbelievable
5 days ago
So Torres missed a goal from 3 yards which had become his typical style. Costa then scored from a fabregas through ball. Mou's like, "See? I told you!"
Pepe is going to intimidate him. Pepe himself is a hot head and week lose it himself too but he won't just play football with a striker like Suarez. I'm afraid ...
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