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This is in the comments of the highlights but thought I would post it front and center here
2 days ago
Give him time to get used to playing on the left. We know he has a good left foot, just has to get used to playing over there
6 days ago
I have to say that I thought Capoue was dreadful, Looked heavy and out of shape and just fouled or flailed at anyone near him, never really made a good tackle. ...
1 week ago
The Stream from the site is up already teams are in warmups. It has the audio on already so you can hear the commentators going over the game beforehand X-) it'...
#THFC team: Friedel, Naughton, Dawson, Fryers, Rose, Holtby, Capoue, Sigurdsson, Townsend, Kane, Lennon. #COYS Copy and pasted from the site. Looks like Magnet...
So excited for the first friendly tomorrow! Also glad to have found a feed. Unlike last year in Asia, hardly saw any of the games and all the facilities looked ...
2 weeks ago
You can spend 80 million quid on players, but you can't buy another 80 million quid player. Same as with Gareth and Ronaldo when he left united
3 weeks ago
Not a fan of the training kits either lol hopefully this year a s**t kit but great season :-p
Why sell a solid back up and spend time and money to replace him? That doesn't make sense, sometimes we have to realized we aren't playing Fifa and we have to b...
1 month ago
I thought all three jerseys this year were extremely sharp, I got the home and the third (SANDRO BEAST) kit, which is rare as I usually don't buy any. Too bad t...
I don't think he was given enough chance in the first team, but almost no young players are these days. Not saying that I see him in our squad either, but don'...
The three belgiums were all dull and contributed nothing to the game and Chadli and Dembele were rightly subbed off after which Belgium looked much sharper........
Townsend should play on the left until his game develops more
2 months ago
I regret him taking the job too because now we've lost an excellent Youth director, he was obviously doing an great job in his previous position
Arsenal are a side that used to watch teams like the Invincibles with players like Henry, Bergkamp, Viera etc etc. that won league titles and made it to the UCL...
Etienne doesn't even work hard on defense for a supposed DM! I remember watching him let multiple players run by him in the run of games he got there, just terr...
One of the comments: "A three-letter acronym'ed young foreign manager with a lot of success at a dominant smaller-league club I am 100% sure this would be home...
3 months ago
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Just show up Newcastle, please. Unlike a year ago when you were s**t.
Yes we keep beating teams lower than us, which is great, but we still have been done in by every top 4 team
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