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I would even consider Fredericks to be honest, while I don't think he is ready to be in our squad for a full season, he did well in the Europa games he played
2 days ago
Amid lots of talk about the need for stability and next season will allow a core group to grow I have also thought of our defensive unit, and the uncertainty ar...
3 days ago
Http:// Team news ahead of the game tomorrow...... Quite a lot of injuries as we are used to this s...
1 week ago
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I will say that I DONT want to see RM vs. Athletico, I watch those teams play each other 3-5 times a season already, want to see some inter league play
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Hugo for me. I would hate to say ADE but what other single player has made more impact besides perhaps Eriksen
2 weeks ago
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What do you all think about Ashley Cole coming in for a free transfer at LB? I know he's a w****r, he's old, and he would probably demand a high wage. Nevermin...
I know his shrewdness has us punching above our belt. What we need now is stability in the coaching department so if he can provide that we will go to the next ...
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I'll only believe it if I see it on video . . . . . . . on Worldstar!! lmao Why Lennon? I would believe Vertonghen or Soldado lol
Might have been singing both, as they are both true at the moment!
I just hope Tim puts his hand up and says he got this one wrong. Although I wasn't impressed with anyone other than Eriksen on the field
Away fans singing "we're Tottenham Hotspur, we're secretly s**t, secretly shiiiiitttt"
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How long did Vlad stay on for?
3 weeks ago
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Does anyone know of a stream for the U21 game today? Would love to watch it, Vlad will probably feature as well
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Interview of Rose
Would require a major collapse of a team currently above us (AND hope Everton don't overtake us) WHILE we would also have to go on a great great run. Which is p...
More and more I see football as a lens to larger discourses in the world. Qatar obviously bought the world cup, just as big companies buy the government decisio...
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Updated my photo as Sherwood is growing on me. I like his honesty, and I believe that he is knows the game very well. Really wish the full photo with Sandro and...
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What do you guys feel about both Gibbs and Ox being let off. Obviously the Gibbs decision was clear. But saying that because you can see on replay the ball wasn...
I agree with Buccaneer, and also want to voice my opinion against any jokes insinuating Marriner is racist. Like one I've seen floating around of four african p...
The 2 goals for me were kind of freak mistakes, although Kaboul is habitually lazy as far as always being in proper cover/support positions. This is a little th...
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