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How many players on the current roster do you think even knew about the club Tottenham Hotspur before 3 seasons ago? Friedel, Rose, Kane, Walker, Naughton, Le...
1 day ago
People here keep saying he'll never be the same player after all these injuries he won't get a chance to play as often to regain form blah blah blah Let's reme...
Or why fans have stopped rooting Clubs/Teams and began following player's careers (In America the best example of this is LeBron) I understand if you live in ...
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Great "front 5" but what about the "back 6" god awful except De Gea
We didn't actually spend last year, we ended up with a profit in transfer income actually. However I could see it if our wages were higher from the signings ye...
I don't think we've seen enough of Vlad to decide whether anything about him. I quite liked him, I don't mind a bit of flair in the back, it makes the game exci...
1 week ago
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Thanks Mag I'm in now :-)
2 weeks ago
Or maybe Poch rates him as I do lol just kidding I will try not to rag him so much
I can't figure out where to go to enter these codes to join the leagues haha
What are the names of the leagues? Is it Dreamfooty here on footytube?
Yeah Sandro is not ready for this game, I was speaking more generally with those comments. I expect Capoue to get a few games until Sandro can make a challenge ...
NVM I've figured it out. Didn't know you had to join a league before being prompted which one
Where do we go to join the league?
True, Never got to play in his best position, never got a fair shake imo. Adding on to what Mag said, it it a symptom of our struggle the past 2 years. There ...
I really can't see Vertonghen playing for all the reasons already mentioned. I know Dier is young but Poch has shown he isn't concerned about putting a young bo...
I don't see how you can say Capoue has been fantastic. He hasn't been bad or anything (as I thought he was last season) but certainly didn't do anything to stan...
3 weeks ago
Unless we sell Naughton it really doesn't make sense within the needs of our squad, additionally Fredericks is pushing for time after playing half the season at...
Get your coaching licenses I would say to give a foundation+ direction! I'm getting my first one this weekend (In the USA so the "E" license)
He must be played on the left (Where Poch has played him from what I've seen) where he will drive to the goal line and be forced to put balls into the box i.e.....
4 weeks ago
I think he is an obvious choice for this system, players with his energy level are simply required
1 month ago
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