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4 years ago
225 people thought Celtic was awesome Neil Lennon was not one of them.
Excellent comeback from City deserved the win. 5 minutes of football and five minutes of stupid apps advertising.
5 years ago
Worst highlights ever.
Fran just Watched
Barcelona Vs. PSG
Yes titty is good!
Fran just Watched
AS Roma Vs. Parma
This channel is really becoming a joke for highlights.
Footytube is really getting S**t
Fran just Watched
PSG Vs. Valencia
Mate wishing death on people like in your latest comment is NOT tolerated on this site. I suggest you think carefully about what you post in future or you may e...
Hi it seems that almost every one of your 14 comments on this site has been a complaint about the highlights. I'll point out that we actually have no control ov...
Great highlights all 2 minutes of them! Lets hope you go one better and bang some sound in. Crap as usual and footytube is going down the drain.
Great commentary two old farts mumbling away.
As per usual cr*p highlights.
Terrible highlights.
This channel is becoming a joke.
Should rename this site - ArabFootyTube.
Highlight on footytube are S**t.
Thanks I really enjoyed the 10 seconds of highlights - well done Footytube keep up the good work.
The two most exciting commentators on Footytube.
If Stoke are so s**t then its not saying so much for Arsenal who only managed to score one goal against them!
Somewhere on FootyTube
Smiracles: Why write a story about the ramblings of such a cunty person? I think you should take a long hard look at your own team especially after your appalli...
Hey Valdemarr honestly what are the chances of anyone here understanding your post!!!!! I'd say zero.
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