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Oh what a loyal fan you are
7 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
I agree the only thing more frustrating than reading incoherent barca fan responses is their teams confusion between a football pitch and swimming pool.
Juguar no ones talking about gay guys jacking each other off except you stop trying to be clever
^^ a real barca fan doesnt mean you delude yourself with lies. fact is selling etoo was not a good move and also a certain special one is out to get barca again...
Lol wut unless im blind you root for arsenal
Somewhere on FootyTube
Wow great interview raul is truly a legend!
Lol you lost give it up mourinho has barca's number
Lol you lose
@Msaad lmao still the best striker? delusional is a bit of an understatement
People might think your opinion (me) is nuts as well, it's all relative
@mejay i have to disagree, there is something wrong with 1000+ passes. for sheer entertainment value my grass growing in the lawn provides more. that said both ...
Lol its an online forum everyone is entitled to opinion. who are you to say that others are wrong?
Lol as opposed to what? grab the ball and throw it in? you're retarded
I am not hater of the premier league.. but the english commentators during CL games are so biased my ears f*cking bleed
Speaking of missing "speedz" demonking i think your missing a bit of mental speed
Bale was impressive in the first half and beat ramos a couple of times. after that though he looked slightly despondent and wasnt really getting the best of def...
Smashdotcom i chuckled at your comment. world class skills but makes a lot of mistakes sounds like a s**t goal keeper to me
Lol wtf is a fake barca, how is real madrid a fake barca in anyway?
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