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Watching the motd highlight remind me that this is Hansen last season with MOTD. It will be awesome if BR can convince him to come and coach our defense!!
4 years ago
Good result by the team today. We were lucky not to concede any goal in the first half which any clinical side would have punished us. One of these day our defe...
Wow Schurrle is quite a player!! This is the difference between Chelsea squad and our squad and which is why they are the favorite to win the league. You guys ...
5 years ago
Wow, a class MU fan! nice to see
Even AVB admitted that it was a penalty, please actually watch the highlight before commenting and not just read bias newspaper (the sun) @superspurs don't thin...
Not just because Downing scored the goal but because of his workrate off the ball. He track back and help Johnson double team player and press for the ball. His...
Spur play really good football especially with the extra man in the middle which controlled possession. Everyone need to remember that you don't make mistake ou...
Yep!! and only for 8.5 mil too. Can't wait until he become a world beater! You can find a video of Coutinho vs Tottenham here by MostarLFC
C'mon guys, let take this win gracefully and show some respect for the spur players even after what he said in the pre-match interview. Show our class as true f...
@jakob900 shouldn't you be thanking us for helping you getting top 4 or at least prevent tottenham from getting too far ahead of you? Some people are so negativ...
Torres need to leave Chelsea IMO, he looked so disinterested when he came on. Not sure if his confidence is totally shot or if he is past it but I feel for him
I applaud Coutinho and his workrate. Ran his sock off to press and win back the ball. You can feel for him each time he fall over from an unsuccessful tackle bu...
You can find Nani tackle gif here
A good one too!
A red card in such an important game which determine whether you go through the competition or not is much more of a deal then a league game one would argue. No...
(3)Barcelona vs Schalke? your giving AC Milan too little credit. If Tito Vilanova is coaching Barca may have a chance but I dont see it with the current coach, ...
Undeserving red destroy a potential great game
For those who cant watch the highlight like me you can find them here
Great to see a REAL FAN once in a while!!
Great to see that hat trick from kagawa, make us asian proud Highlight can be found here
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