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4 years ago
Great game, but I must say Dortmund played very well till Götze(the lost son) scored! What a game it was!!!!! Whoever wrote Dortmund played rubbish has no clue...
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A test, nothing more! :-) Happy to see Hitzfeld's Swiss playing such a nice ball!
5 years ago
I do like ur analysis too, but it was just a frustrating night and coming on here reading some comments of some idiots just made me wonder and hate. this final ...
6 years ago
I am completely disagreeing with you dude, are you blind???? Chelsea's defense was better than Bayerns attack? Ok, here I agree, our offense sucked that night.....
Arsenal is the best in the premier, been getting more and more into the other London club since I started disliking Abramovich greediness a few years back! Don'...
Its a matter of fact, it was a boring game, only one side vigorously tried to fight for the goal, I didn't say our offense was great, actually our forward playe...
Agree with you but we deserved it just as much, Im just mad at the people on here saying bayern ucked and so on, we were unlucky as a matter of fact.. We didn't...
Barca is still top notch, but glad real finally beat them, now they need to show consistency!! love the özil, c.ronaldo, di maria triangle! hoping that u'll ke...
Thumbs up Müller11... just a bunch english footytube hooligans, expressing their hate... I wish to see someone agree that is was just plain luck! It could've b...
Listen all of you Pro Chelsea fans and Pro Chelsea wannabe's, it's a fact that the game you played against us was s**t, nobody but really nobody can disagree, i...
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