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Didier deschamps is a horrid coach. the caliber of players france has should not be in that position to begin with. you dont start cabaye?
Love valdes passion
Please some1 put up some decent highlights
Who would have thought kaka was going to come back when he signed for madrid several years back in his record signing
Other than barton. that would be one hell of a team
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That is exactly true once again. Lampard is what you would call a sneaky striker. he is someone that cannot be played as a direct second striker or a attacking...
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Lol and true
If i was england i would drop lampard. hes not a cohesive midfielder with the likes of gerrard and ect.
Forza juvepiero, i can respond back to you all you like but i rather not waste my time. save your energy for something meaningful
Alfrodo, i was a big fan of alexis before he arrived. Unfortunately its his 3rd season coming up and he hasnt performed in the big games. other than coming up...
Just cause there dropped from barca starting 11, doesnt mean their bad players. of coarse their will always be interest for them. If you are boasting about havi...
Based on my interpretation on the games ive been watching for the past year.. sanchez was eventually benched by all our previous coaches right before they left...
I would have thought it would be tough for arsenal to get top 4 before your signing, but with ozil it is guaranteed. thats how massive he is. you watch and see
Please get rid of sanchez, and bench pedro. their performances are consistently bad and its been for some time now
Ozil is an amazing signing but think you needed 1 or 2 more players if you wanted to be title contenders. top 4 would almost be guaranteed though
Starting giggs and leaving valencia on the bench? moyes has allot to learn
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