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2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago
If we get champions league, we can definitely aim higher than him
4 weeks ago
He's a great CB, no doubt. but getting him from totenham will be hard. They will force us to overpay for him.
I personally agree with kinglucas and dawich here. The rule is there as a deterrent, as pointed out by dawich. Otherwise whats there to stop the last man from ...
Does any 1 have links to the full match of city vs barca? missed the game due to work and forgot to record it.
Yaya toure is definitely one of THE MOST complete midfielder in the world. Iniesta is a genius of a CAM or creative midfielder, but if you ask him to hold/ancho...
2 months ago
I disagree teja. I'm not saying video tech HAS to be used every single time, but surely in cases of serious or dangerous challenges, yellow or red cards, and th...
@BLuffmaster & suraj Yes, it is true that BR is at times trying to bend the squad to fit Gerrard in. While im not saying Gerrard has gone to utter s**t, it is ...
Why do ppl keep making that argument? too much tech slow the game down? have u seen how much time was wasted just by arguments between the players and the reff?...
If we were keen we would've sealed the deal. I think the paper are hyping up BR and the club interest than it really is. Remember how quickly the sturridge de...
Always the air ball...
Give flanno a rest, he's still young, glen on the other hand should know how to prepare himself for Thursday.
SIGN HIM BACK UP!! we were quite solid in defence when he was the defensive coach under Kenny.
4 months ago
Too early mate, we got a tough run of games coming up, spurs, Chelsea and city, we could dropped 9 point while the rest overtake us. Maybe if things remain as t...
Very pleased with Allen. He may not be the best playmaker in the world (i.e he doesn't exactly thread the ball like a needle through the defence) but he has gre...
Ahhh ok lol, wasn't in the chat so I guess I was missing some bits and pieces ahaha. I was hoping we'd be better at dealing with aerial ball by now, but it see...
Yea but how many have we concede from set piece? or ariel ball in general? there is a difference between scoring from 1 and defending from 1. And no, im not th...
Allen is making some really good passes, got some nice vision and awareness.
Thumping header
FFS sterling... We really need to start putting away chances like that.
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