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Pirlo is the Chuck Norris of football.....
4 years ago
A lot of fans say "Oh it is only one game (vs Atletico Madrid)" you cannot judge from one game, every team has its ups and downs. Fair enough, but when you beat...
5 years ago
This one time in his life when Ronaldo had to HOG the ball he passed it to Idiot Ozil who missed it....(ronaldo had enough space to score that himself). And w...
Barca has beated RM something like 15 times in the past 3 years, I have not seen them disrespecting the Bernebau fans in such a way as Ronaldo did.....
6 years ago
I wouldn't call it 'guts'. It is about respect...I dont think you or C.ROnaldo have this word in their vocabulary...Silencing the fans is arrogant and stupid, t...
Yeah going to a CL final has nothing to do with rankings..As it stands Barca still no.1, Man U 2nd, and Chelsea 3rd. (Thats from UEFA). So look MAN U still 2nd ...
I am pretty sure Bayern was the better side...That open goal from Robben should have been scored, and Gomez had a good chance too... Dil Maria sucked balls (li...
Lol great goalkeeping from both sides.....oh if only barca had a decent goalkeeper....
Sergio Ramos' penalty was seen flying over London this morning!!, it might be even reaching over the southern hemisphere in the next couple days so I will keep ...
This is to all those arrogant people, who say la liga is rubbish, and the only 2 teams in la liga are Barca and Real. And also for those who say that the EPL is...
Somewhere on FootyTube
So pepe played like a man?? Is this how MEN play? You obviously have some hate and anger management issues man, see a doctor and take your pills.
Both teams played crap. So that gave you the illusion that they both played good!
I was going for Arsenal, but seriously, They played so crap, No defence, no midfield no attack. Man U played s**t as well, but out of the 2, Man Utd was better....
Real Madrid fans don't come out now, after beating a la-liga team, showing off about how good Ronaldo is, and how fearless Mardid is, blah blah blah, we have he...
What do you mean by 'entitled?' that you are entitled to DIVE??? That was such a dive....Karma is a bitch, tottenham deserved to loose...
IT all just seems excuses to me, and there's plenty of those to go around. You are in a forum watching a video of the Barca vs Real madrid. Possibly the 2 best ...
Well said, a Real Madrid fan that says it like it is....No cheap shots, no excuses....Good on you....
As far as I am concerned the 'Better team' was Barca....
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