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LFC.Madrid..Ronaldo, Torres n some others
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i mostly play as a right back and very good in that
but can play as a winger and also striker in some occasions.

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I think villa game was fixed
Yehhh true, you see cech never does that, n i hate when balls get blasted up way the field sometimes in noman's land n sometimes in oppositions feet.
Yeah lol
Him n joe hart dont have verified accounts
Is there still any doubt that the england FA is made of dog's shyt ...
What happened to liverpool today, repeated on chelsea
Must suck playing againts 14 specially when ur playing with 9
Yehhh we played bad, the middfield is so crap.
Noo foul, just didnt want suarez to get a hattrick
Why why why why why always againts liverpool or liverpool player, fk english FA
Come on suarez, i feel he is gonna destroy everton todayy :)
Trueee, rooney's really arrogant for that and times he does stupid stuff when he misses or gets decision againts him which is not a captain's mentality...
Loool they both at city, confusing shytt
Yay toure is really good, long legs, gd speed and very strong to add on top but dont think he suits chelsea's playing style, and i always get confused with tour...
International breaks are quiet boring, specially when it is qualifiers like these, no competition what so ever its just weak teams getting busted by super teams...
England gonna think they can win the world cup now, confidence gets unlimited but watch when they face a team in top 10 they will be facepalmed again
This OSCAR is a award for football fans :D
Liverpool should win againts reading, they just need to finish of the chances they get, unfortunately this year the finishing has been quiet poor that maybe why...
Lmaooo that is funny even tho im a liverpool fun
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