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Referee Madley quits ... great news for us because this is the guy that was allowing other players butcher our players with nasty tackles and only gave them a y...
17 hours ago
You guys talk as if Arsenal has more premier league titles than Man City ... look at facts you have won 3 times and we have won 3 times ... your success came wh...
SIF agree! wish there was champions league football midweek at least but no
1 day ago
Mendy was key in our last game against Arsenal 2 assists. With Mendy on the team those that park the bus will have a hard time now!!!
No Man City legends dug Pep or the team out because City had won the title 2 years prior to that with Pellegrini which was pretty recent. If City fails to win a...
2 days ago
You can't compare Arsenal's downfall to that of Chelsea's...Chelsea won the title just 2 years ago which is pretty recent...when did Arsenal last won the title?...
KdB injured his knee in practice and will be out for 3 months till mid October... bad news
Ederson too casual
4 days ago
David Silva retires from international football....good news for us :D he can extend his career by a couple years now
"The empty net thing never happened" and you call yourself a real madrid fan? i prolly watched more madrid games than you have ... just do your research online ...
Ederson smoked a little too much of that stuff he was wayyyy too casual at times gave away the ball to the wrong player ... he's gotta smoke the right dose just...
5 days ago
Higuain left because Ronaldo was not happy with him not passing him the ball all the time ... Alex Ferguson was after Benzema for a long time do your research ...
Good game you guys...definitely can see changes in the characters of the players. Ozil should be playing in the #10 role just like he was at Real Madrid if you ...
@Fromv you should create a new website I'm sure everyone will join as long as its not some whatsapp group cos then some ppl will join some won't and we will end...
6 days ago
FootballisCity just became a Rival of Manchester United
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