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Its funny to see all these butt hurt fans who didnt want messi to win. I just post this whenever I see people complain.
Ronaldo also managed to be injured last year to vote for ballondor...jesus cmon obviously he wanted the vote for himself. Youre telling me 2 years in a row he h...
Fifa doesnt change s**t. How can you be so ingorant, its based on the votes of coaches, captains and media from countries around the world. The people who are a...
Post this on the barca wall you douche
From what ive seen, the best player for madrid at the moment whos keeping them (somewhat) alive is Ozil. He also scored to essential last minute goals this seas...
The "special one" lol...mourinho needs to go. Respect to Madrid for the "animo tito" before the match...a gentlemans club (when mourinho isnt there)
So it turns out diego costa wasnt the only dirty player on the field....ramos spit on him first
Costa was disgraceful today, especially with the spitting into hand and flicking it into ramos....Real Madrid came to play football today and they won deservedl...
Its quite funny to see real madrid players complaining about other teams that use their same tactics (aggresive intimidation football)
Lol @ Hikman probably didnt watch the game But seriously though that wouldve been an unbelievable goal
I think he's talking about Pepe, obviously Cristiano doesnt deserve that elbow to the eye
How can you guys hate on Celtic for their style? How else can a team possibly beat a team that constantly has the ball in your half and is passing the ball arou...
Celtic were unbelievable, they worked hard and deserve that win. That being said, tito is a dumbass
1)Simeone 2) Klopp 3)Di Matteo 4) Mourinho
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