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As long as he gets his cardio up, then I see this as a very good decision as we've been lacking in that area ever sense he retired.
6 years ago
Hardly any Americans view it as a second hand sport. Go to Seattle, Portland, Chicago or Houston and you will see HUGE amounts of support for the game, especial...
I think a good connection with the players is very important. Obviously they need to be good with money and knowledge of the game, but if they aren't passionate...
Good to see a fellow Football fan from the North West. Can't say I agree with you on the Timbers part though, Sounder respect!
The diving is getting bad. To bad the pro coaches aren't like mine, where they said that if they see me rolling around on the ground like I'm dying, then they'...
Somewhere on FootyTube
If someone over turns that there high. He came in with both cleats up and his feet were above the ball. Red card, and a very simple rule too. Also he whines abo...
Honestly the fact that he admitted to a mistake improves him in my eyes.
Another great win for the Reds. Things seem to be shaping up well for number 20!
In my opinion, if he calms down and watches what he says he can be a very good player. I'm not saying that he should let people walk around on him, because tha...
I think that there's three reasons we took a early exit from the champions league. The first is Rooney had some very poor moments in the tournament. Though we ...
Theres something special about watching a Barcelona game, even more than United, it's the way they play the game, just amazing.
Something I find odd is that on my 14 year old select team, we take a elbow to the jaw, get our knee stepped on and guess what? We don't stand there with our ar...
Feel bad for the US, but they did certainly get out played in those shoot-out. The US does have a great goalie, actually met her once when I was younger. Back o...
I hope the me and the rest of the Manchester united fans in America get the one of Rooney screaming who-knows-what at the poor person who was in front of him. =...
Amazing cause, along with the amazing idea of getting FCB involved in it. It will certainly be a happy day when polio is totally removed.
If I was the keeper I would have stopped it and backheeled it at him lol
I'm a united fan so I wouldn't wear anything else from the EPL. But if I see a cool looking jersey from a league that I don't have a favorite team from, sure I'...
I might buy it, probably will just get Halo anniversary and FIFA 12 though.
I really like the direction that the game is going for 2012. The impact engine seems like a nice touch for me personally because I play in a very physical leagu...
After the game with your mates is when you do tricks. Not in a game! I don't care that it was a friendly, it was pathetic, disrespectful and gave Manchester Cit...
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