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I like football (Not soccer), Beach Volleyball and Kick Boxing. I like traveling around the world especially to Italy, Greece and Brazil
I don't like people who claim to play soccer and then screw the game for you and your team. I dislike Lakers...
Semi-Pro (Midfielder) Warriors
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The sad thing about football is that there is no replay or review during the game. American football has this advantage and it ensure a fair game. Maradona and ...
8 years ago
I know Cameroon will do better in the finals than Morocco and as Sam said: "There was a time when Morocco was one of the most feared teams in Africa" not any mo...
I am so pleased that Egypt is out. Congrats to Algeria. I hope you will do good in the finals. Egypt, you suck big time.
1- Congrats to US for making it all the way to the Final 2- More congrats to my LIONS "Brazil" I am still not so satisfied with the way they play. WC 2010 wo...
I enjoyed the game but I was made the whole time, especially when the referee did not see KAKA's goal. US played defensively again and I warned them before. Br...
Wow! what a game!! I was shocked to see US leading 2-0 in the first 30 minutes, but I have never doubt the come back of the Lions "Brazil" I have to admit that ...
I guess football will always be unpredictable no matter how well we analyze it. I liked this game and I am getting ready for this afternoon final. How about tha...
For Tomico kurva. U'r Polish hunnn???? you guys are famous by blonde bitches coming to the US to work as prostitutes, what the f**k do you know about soccer?
Right on dude.
RidiQLus what is your problem dude? Stop hating.... US is better than your team Iran, if you hate the US this much why don't you go back to your country Iran, i...
Well said Mike. I have been saying this for the longest, football is about show not just random flukes as you called them. I also said that Spain had it all eas...
That is because US plays defensively. SA gave us a great show and they almost won. As I said before, please don't spoil the final for us. We want to see an open...
That was great game. I watched the first half and I can tell you, that was a very close game. I guess everyone is having hard time this year.
Hey, he must be Jesus. He knew even the score of the game. Dude what God do you worship? he is hooking you up man...
See, now he is dead. That is not cool man. You cursed him by posting his picture. Post your girlfriend picture next she may die too and you will be happy
I have watched the whole first half of Brazil-SA game and I can tell you that everything is possible. SA missed couple of goals and they are looking great. I gu...
No body is hating you dude...they are just surprised how U.S made it to the final. Do you really think we are better than Brazil, Spain, Italy...? I don't think...
What's up with MJ picture bro?? This is a football forum not some child porn website. Peace out from LA
I agree with Xerxes1990. Spain had to put more players in offense to match the number of players the US put in defense. I swear, I saw 8 to 10 players in the bo...
No hating. I once said that "I hate Pizza Boys" (Italy) and I had to change it to "I don't like Pizza Boys" to make it politically correct. But honestly, they...
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