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@Kgb112, let them get it out, this is the highlight of their season, beating City at Anfield as they have done since 2003.
2 weeks ago
^^Resorting to name calling, ah? You're a great example of one of those Liverpool fans who are "Offended by everything, ashamed of nothing!" I mentioned above.
^^^keep it coming, looks like hit another nerve - I'm sure this will be presented at your trophy parade at the end of the season HEHEHE...
Ohhh...yeah, I know truth hurts. Just take a look at the table on the right to see the "gap".
Yeah, and as usual we shot ourselves on the foot against them and now a miracle is needed to go through. :(
Just saw Klopp's interview about it too and it was a class act too.
"Manchester City team bus badly damaged by projectiles while makin its way through crowds to Anfield. Nobody hurt but bus has been rendered undriveable and a re...
We haven't won at Anfield since 2003, so in a way this was a norm unfortunately and now Liverpool can go on and celebrate a deserved:
^^hahaha...did I hit a sensitive nerve, ah LOL...
"Pep got the tactics wrong in 1st half or the players didn’t follow instructions. Whatever the case, this was a shambolic performance allover the pitch agains...
Yeah, that would make Liverpool celebrate something at the end of the season. :D
Yeah, whenever we play them, we give them their highlight of the season, especially at the Anfield. :(
Congrats to Liverpool for winning their second:
Hmm...sounds like these people are in a delusional state, which is "an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted b...
1 month ago
Alright guys, we're now within SPITTING distance of winning the PL"!!:D
Yup, and he's the best "slippy" player the PL has ever seen. PS. Yaya yaya yaya toure!!
Nah, he just said "City is within SPITTING distance of winning the PL now"!!:D
Nah, they wanted to play but we just parked the bus in their half of the pitch.
Thanks but for this season, I wonder what would be better to get a guard of honour from ManU players OR win the title by beating them at the Etihad, tough choic...
Passes: Man city - 1987 Chelsea - 170 Conte aka a poor man's Bourinho - expected more from the Champions, embarrassing!!
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