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Someone's getting cold feet I see.. =D
6 years ago
The EPL in its current dire state, may not be the best league in the world. However, I am a 100% certain, it is the MOST ENTERTAINING LEAGUE IN THE WORLD.
I'm sure you have Busquets on your list, instead of the two of them.
Don't deserve to be a chelsea fan. Stick by your team and manager.
Chelsea will probably finish in the top four after strengthening the squad in the transfer window and getting squad depth. Also Torres will finally gt enough pl...
How is it possible that Chelsea slipped up more than Arsenal and are above them?
Song should have definitely been red carded if Demonza was. Retard Arsenal fans. Always blind.
LOL. This coming from a fan of the team that boasts the likes of Busquets and Alves.
Terry is definitely a legend. If legend aren't just good players but good people, why is Maradona hailed as the best player of all time, when he was abusing coc...
We're more consistent that Liverpool and that's a fact. Occasionally winning the top teams and then going on to lose games that you're expected to win. Scousers...
If you think any of those signings even come close to Bebe, you've obviously never seen Bebe play football.
PeacefulWarrior you need some common sense to realise they're being sarcastic.LOL.
Arsenal fans having their own mini-convo in a spurs page. How touching. =D
We played well. Defense was solid and we finally got two cleansheets in a row. Luiz and Terry were rock solid. Drogba was a beast. But all Chelsea fans have to ...
@4X3X3 what are you talking about kid? Your team lost and Carrol played like garbage. Why on earth are you dragging Chelsea into this?
What's the point of showing up against the big teams, when you can't win the games you're supposed to win. Also, you beat us in our worst form in years, so cong...
Kalou's decision making skills are sometimes appalling.
@SoniqCFC maybe hostillity towards them is the reason they hate us? SSSHHHHH
Two cool votes for you Mohd for accepting my friend request and being a Chelsea Fan
Writing of United before Jan, is the stupidest thing anyone could ever possibly do in the world of football.
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