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5 years ago
I'm voting Pinto for Linesman of the Year because he seems to know when everyone is offside
There were 22 assholes on that field today. Sad game to watch.
Ya they deserved the win, but that was just a horrible display by adriano. it seems like he was the one that changed shaktar's mind by raising his hands like he...
In my personal opinion; dive. i think cooper started the pretty jump as hamid was going down. sad, i thought cooper was better than that.
Words cannot describe how well both keepers did in this game. Hats off to Hart
I could care less about the commentator, Tono's performance was absolutely incredible. I honestly thought he was going to save Xavi's shot. Like Joshtch said, r...
Well someone's gotta say it. ref really screwed the pooch on that one.
Tevez's goal was just too perfect. As for the double-yellow thing, I'm sick of seeing these cocky strikers ripping the ball out of the keepers hands. It's ridic...
Talk about an unfair ending. Sean Johnson didn't deserve that.
I absolutely love just how stupid this MLS announcer is. the older sounding one in this highlight. i've heard many commentators and none have the verbal-diharre...
Beauty of a goal by Adrian but how bout them keepers, hey?
6 years ago
Bogdan for Man of the Month. My god, what a performance. Really deserved to keep a clean sheet but taking nothing away from Spurs persistance. Well done Spurs a...
Why is it that whenever a goal is scored, no matter how obvious it is, the defenders immediatly raise their arms and look to the linesman. He wont do your job f...
Krul officially earned hero status. Sad that his luck ran dry 3 times but wow, what a game from him.
What a superb tackle by Vermaelen. That was done absolutly brilliantly. As for Szczesny, really do believe he should have come out for that second goal cross, i...
7 years ago
Fantastic performance by Lloris. He really spared Lyon a greater loss and I think he was the best man on the field.
That was a wonderful game to watch. beautiful soccer to watch. no blatant fouls, just amazing play. sucks to see barcelona loose but it was fell-fought and arse...
Espanyol dove so much I'm surprised they didn't swim off the field. Casillas didnt do anything and that striker went down like a feather. Garbage
Absolutely appalling sportsmanship from Gattuso. what a pig. on the other hand, amazing job by Gomes!
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