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Cheers Mercurialmatt for the chill. I did try to avoid hurling insults and be more intelligent with my replies lol. Sorry Albokk, I'm sure you're an intelligent...
5 years ago
I am being honest with myself. You don't understand and missing the point. I support England's style of play. I also support other country's style of play cos I...
@Albokk nice to see you join the band wagon also. Where shall I start with you? Just a draw with Croatia heh? Dude you're defense is none existent on the pitch ...
How can you agree on England having the best defense then totally contradict yourself?! It's like saying: Yes we have the best chef in the world but he is total...
Our reliable defense though caused Ukraine to take long range shots. You could see that the play of things from the line up was going to be defensive and put th...
You obviously haven't watched all of their games. The whole game, not the highlights that some Russian dude put together. Get over the war and stop hating on En...
If you have no real ties then you don't have real appreciation for individual countries tactics and style. If all the teams played the same style and tactic as ...
For all you Italians, that tackle by Flamini is not acceptable in the international games never-mind in the domestic games. You may accept it in your Serie A bu...
7 years ago
Oh man oh man!! Can't wait to see Spurs give AC another beating at home!! That is such sweeeeet justice after all the Italians' dirty antics. Crouch's goal coul...
Scholes!!! You gotta be desperate man!!! Shame on you!! I'm appalled!! You don't deserve to win if that's you're way of winning a game!! But well done Wolves!! ...
Mate, I'm stoked to watch the 7 nations Rugby tournament in Las Vegas this weekend, thats gonna be way more exciting than the Superbowl!!
I have to agree with Vishal24. It all depends on the hype, mass media, money, world renowned players, to name a few. If you don't have at least 2 of those then ...
Hahaha....seriously funny Tifosi!...I think he's only 4yrs young...nah wait my son is 4 and he can at least spell "good" or "bad" and many more words...there's ...
Wow that should have been Blackpool's game man! C'mon Blackpool put em away you can't afford to let chances slip like that especially against the big guns. I th...
Sometimes I wonder if the England Manager actually picks the players or some mysterious dude behind glass in the shadow like the banker on that game show. Cos i...
Jogador80, Mate your comments don't make sense! Spain got hammered by Argentina...that also got hammered by Germany, in the World cup. Now Germany beat us 4-1 a...
Thanks for the add man! Glad to be your friend.
Hey no probs mate. Glad to see you representing Singapore. I'm originally from Philippines but grew up in England
Thanks for the add bro two cool for ya!!! YNWA!!
If you have been following England's qualification games you would understand why the draw with Algeria was an upset or even just making it through the group st...
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