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It's always good to beat the mancs! But why laugh at them? As liverpool fans we know how that feels, they have been laughing at us for 25years, why stoop to the...
2nd on table and no one gives a s**t we did not buy in jan! One game at a time lads! Good days ahead. Ynwa
I love how after Coutinho's goal suarez runs picks up the ball gets the players celebrating to get back to half way, we haven't won yet! his desire to win is am...
I love it when the only negative thing about the game is that we could have scored couple more!! well done Redmen!!
Dude dont have to be rude..if other fans are being rude to us and you do the same theres not much difference between the two is there? Just relax and enjoy! Goo...
Even with all the world class players chelsea are a boring team to watch! They were more exciting under rafa!
Brilliant performance redmen!
Is it too early to say its becoming a fortress again?
Wow talk about arrogant. season aint over yet mate. there is no point getting over confident yet, we are not even up to half way of the season.
@ElPhenomeno01 no iam not retarded but you seem like an idiot! Did I say its the fans decision? i said your CLUB!!
What does a chelsea fan know about supporting a manager? Your club gets rid of managers left right n center! So I dont think you should be laughing at man u. Th...
Suarez deserves to be playing in champions league! As much as I hate to say it, if we dont qualify for cl then he should leave.
Whether arsenal got lucky or not a win is a win. It just seems people cant handle that arsenal is one of the form team in Europe right now and just want them to...
I know arsenal are in great form, there is no shame in losing to a better side. Im just worried about liverpool long term. Mid is the place we need depth. Lucas...
All the bloody title talk this week, reality Check, liverpool not ready to challenge for the title yet! We are making good progress for top 4 but no title. We n...
Its not funny when someone close to you has actually been through it. So forgive me if I dont see the humour. Its not about knowing every person, im talking abo...
Its really f###s me off when people use the word "rapist" so loosely. Its a horrible word with a horrible meaning. So no he is not a rapist. If he was he wouldn...
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