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Calcio in all its forms (playing, watching, playstation and so on...), Food (eating and cooking), Clubbing/Partying (even though i'm getting to old for it...), and just plain chillin with my friends.
Making a list of dislikes... Life has enough negatives to it. I don't need to waste time thinking about them.
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FifaXX wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
The real story here is how 22.50+40.25+tax=122.92. What the hell kind of tax rate is that?! Not everyone is a pro footballer! How do people in Germany afford t...
6 months ago
FifaXX thought the Columbus Crew v Montreal Impact match was awesome
7 months ago
Can't blame Balotelli anymore.
9 months ago
All the news I ever hear about this guy is super shifty. Why hasn't he stepped down yet? He's giving FIFA a bad name.
1 year ago
FifaXX gave the PSG v Benfica Lisbon video a rating of 5
2 years ago
If she wasn't attractive no one would give 2 shits :/
Somewhere on FootyTube
Poor Mata, such a good player...
FifaXX just Watched
PSG Vs. Monaco
I might be biased, but I truly believe that Serie A will be the most exciting league in Europe this year!
I want to vote Insigne's goal as goal of the week!
Certainly the most exciting CL match this week! Here's hoping for a great game!
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FifaXX just became a Rival of Mexico
FifaXX just became a Rival of Juventus
How does Balotelli do it. He must have nerves of steel.
Man, I think Bonucci want's to take over Pirlo's spot. Those were some great passes from him!
Good to see Rossi score. I hope he comes back strong.
Everyone knows Italy doesnt go all out until the pressure is on. Hence why they always do so poorly in friendlies.
3 years ago
You clearly didnt watch the game...
Somewhere on FootyTube
How does Juve do it...
Japan played well on offense, but their defence was a disaster. Italy played poorly and stil got 4 goals in. As far as I'm concerned if you do not have a strong...
Bad calls in soccer are getting old...
Not to mention he pretty much single handedly brought Italy to the euro finals in 2012 and won a world cup :P Despite Schweiny playing on a better team the sam...
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