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Calcio in all its forms (playing, watching, playstation and so on...), Food (eating and cooking), Clubbing/Partying (even though i'm getting to old for it...), and just plain chillin with my friends.
Making a list of dislikes... Life has enough negatives to it. I don't need to waste time thinking about them.
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FifaXX wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
The real story here is how 22.50+40.25+tax=122.92. What the hell kind of tax rate is that?! Not everyone is a pro footballer! How do people in Germany afford t...
2 years ago
FifaXX thought the Columbus Crew v Montreal Impact match was awesome
Can't blame Balotelli anymore.
All the news I ever hear about this guy is super shifty. Why hasn't he stepped down yet? He's giving FIFA a bad name.
FifaXX gave the PSG v Benfica Lisbon video a rating of 5
4 years ago
If she wasn't attractive no one would give 2 shits :/
Somewhere on FootyTube
Poor Mata, such a good player...
FifaXX just Watched
PSG Vs. Monaco
I might be biased, but I truly believe that Serie A will be the most exciting league in Europe this year!
I want to vote Insigne's goal as goal of the week!
Certainly the most exciting CL match this week! Here's hoping for a great game!
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FifaXX just became a Rival of Mexico
FifaXX just became a Rival of Juventus
How does Balotelli do it. He must have nerves of steel.
Man, I think Bonucci want's to take over Pirlo's spot. Those were some great passes from him!
Good to see Rossi score. I hope he comes back strong.
Everyone knows Italy doesnt go all out until the pressure is on. Hence why they always do so poorly in friendlies.
You clearly didnt watch the game...
Somewhere on FootyTube
How does Juve do it...
Japan played well on offense, but their defence was a disaster. Italy played poorly and stil got 4 goals in. As far as I'm concerned if you do not have a strong...
Bad calls in soccer are getting old...
Not to mention he pretty much single handedly brought Italy to the euro finals in 2012 and won a world cup :P Despite Schweiny playing on a better team the sam...
5 years ago
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