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Hong Kong-nese father, Malaysian mother. Born and raised in North London, UK.

Supporter of Spurs for as long as I started following football. Born and raised in Tottenham North London.

I feel the North London rivalry very strongly as I've grown up with a fair few die hard Arsenal fans. Mostly trolls....

The gap is becoming smaller season by season now and it is ripe time for Spurs to rise up and overtake London by storm! (and then the world!)
Exciting times.
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I think you're jumping to conclusions WHR.... I've always had the impression that Lloris of all the new signings has remained the most noble and tightlipped abo...
5 days ago
He's been wanting champions league, and he's made that more obvious more recently. I am not surprised he hasn't signed a new deal, because even if he did, it do...
6 days ago
The pundits I guess.
1 week ago
Mason deserves the praise for yesterday's game. Without his introduction and stunning goal to bring us to 1-1, we would have lost the game 0-1 to Forrest. We ha...
I honestly can't even bring myself to laugh, this is actually so infuriating. Townsend must have the worst conversion rate in the history of football. And the f...
Only bright spot for us fans today after that appalling performance. from 0-3 to 5-3, against Leicester... LOL EDIT: Yes Andy, correction 1-3.... LOL all the...
We won't get sold in my opinion. The price tag has been way over priced. They only do this because they want new investors to come in and fund the completion of...
2 weeks ago
It was the Di Maria show tonight with Argentina but Lamela had a great cameo. Good run out for him to pick up fitness and confidence.
4 weeks ago
Exactly what Spursaussie3 has said. That is why Adebayor is perfect for Poch's system because he loves to roam around the areas and going wide normally any ways...
Most definitely Andy, had we gotten Schneiderlin, he would have slotted in the team right away with Capoue/Bentaleb playing cups and Europa pushing him for #1. ...
Andy, well that's my opinion, so instead of some snide remark why not make an actual contribution and debate about why you think there are so many outgoings?
1 month ago
Quite simply Poch knows who he needs/doesn't need in the squad. Stated ages ago that he thought the squad was too big and will need trimming. Also financially...
There was a good snippet of analysis on the importance of Schnerdeilin for Southampton today and rightly so. CDM's are vitally important, and that's what I ha...
Still proves those doubters wrong who said after the first game "see, we dodged a bullet, Schneiderlin isn't all that." Also this shows that Schneiderlin hasn'...
Http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9445393/europa-league-harry-kane-earns-mauricio-pochettino-praise-after-tottenhams-win -Poch really does value yo...
Sterling has been playing a more central role at times and you can't assume that it will be down to our RB who will be dealing with him. They play a very flui...
Not quite as celebratory but I didn't want Depay either. As for Vlad, a shame he wasn't given time to establish himself, but if a replacement is coming then I...
It was fine when we had an established back-four, but when Rose got injured at left-back and Vertonghen got pushed out, it all turned to s**t. This season, it ...
According to Fifa stats, it is indeed a like for like, except Dawson is actually a bit better with slightly better pace and headering etc. He's been a regular ...
@Paddy "extremely tight dressing room" is a bit of an overstatement in my opinion, they have a good squad who had a good season together last year, but they hav...
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