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Hong Kong-nese father, Malaysian mother. Born and raised in North London, UK.

Supporter of Spurs for as long as I started following football. Born and raised in Tottenham North London.

I feel the North London rivalry very strongly as I've grown up with a fair few die hard Arsenal fans. Mostly trolls....

The gap is becoming smaller season by season now and it is ripe time for Spurs to rise up and overtake London by storm! (and then the world!)
Exciting times.
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^ couldnt disagree more to be honest. Moyes inherited the exact squad Ferguson left him, fair enough they are all a year older but they should have carried thei...
1 day ago
Exactly what LockStock has said.
Even since our link with Van Gaal, there's always been the hint that VG is interested in the situation with Man Utd. He has stated that he wants to conquer the ...
Real madrid did not buy Bale and then turn to the media and say "we will need to watch him play a few games and in training to see how he will fit into our team...
4 days ago
To be honest, Dawson would be our Gerrard, but he just isn't good enough. Gerrard is both an amazing player and loyal. We have had plenty of loyal players, just...
1 week ago
Not even worth mentioning, just the media s**t storming. He is the Holland coach, of course it is easy to manipulate stories about how he might be bringing RVP ...
@Black001 You are being a bit TOO much of THAT guy! Yes it is Sunderland who are bottom in the league, but sometimes that's what makes teams dangerous. We have ...
2 weeks ago
This is what happens when you don't start Bentaleb!!! (P.S. just in case of trolls.. I rate Bentaleb, I do. Just some harmless banter from a great win today!)...
@Magneto, my mistake, it was Black001 post I mistook for yours; "is eriksen on the side and chadli in the middle? I do not compute…? is this some weird kin...
Sorry, there's a paragraph I wrote before that mentions I'm talking about last game, and how Chadli has been playing Centrally ahead of Eriksen. For some reason...
I'm watching Sherwood's pre-match interview with a coy smile at the moment. The obvious questions relating to his future, and I'm just loving his responses know...
Which is why the early news of him being sacked is no surprise to anyone.... EDIT: "Chadli has been playing in the centre for us for the last couple of games n...
The thing that irks me about these stats is that they mean s**t all in relation to Spurs. We are an up and coming team, we are better than we were before, our ...
Great article. Very well written.
This rumour certainly is circulating very quickly, I wonder if it has any weight behind it like Mancini and Balotelli's bust up. Although this incident is suppo...
3 weeks ago
Sherwood isn't going to say s**t except "we got outplayed, our players had no passion, we need to play better, etc. etc." He wants the manager job and he isn'...
About f*****g time! Here's to hoping he gets a good few games in before the end of the season.
This all depends on the summer and who becomes our manager. Until that happens I don't think we can take any rumours seriously. Per Caulker: He was promising ...
At WHL... Who could ever forget the 2-0 at Arsenal? I watched Kaboul's winner in an Arsenal club.
4 weeks ago
First time in 14 years that we have come back from 2-0 to win the game! COYS!
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FayJay nominated Sandro (54') for Goal of the Week
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