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Hong Kong-nese father, Malaysian mother. Born and raised in North London, UK.

Supporter of Spurs for as long as I started following football. Born and raised in Tottenham North London.

I feel the North London rivalry very strongly as I've grown up with a fair few die hard Arsenal fans. Mostly trolls....

The gap is becoming smaller season by season now and it is ripe time for Spurs to rise up and overtake London by storm! (and then the world!)
Exciting times.
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Http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9391827/transfer-news-swanseas-michel-vorm-expects-tough-competition-for-place-at-tottenham In addition to Magnet...
7 hours ago
That's not much of a shocker to be honest... Imagine they expect to see Adebayor, Soldado or Kane up front but instead they find Messi. That's the way to cat...
9 hours ago
That's not much of a shocker to be honest... Imagine they expect to see Adebayor, Soldado or Kane up front but instead they find Messi. That's the way to cat...
10 hours ago
Not realistic in my opinion. Getting Richards in is no better than the Kaboul we have already. Richards is not even that much younger either, he's 26 and Kabo...
It was signed 2 weeks ago, so it would mean Lloris is here for at least another 6months if you want to be a pessimist. A year realistically if we have another p...
Daydream a bit harder now that Monaco need to find a replacement for James Rodriguez. Griezmann as a target.
The way I see it is, he's not the type of keeper to be expecting number one spot right away at a top six side; he was number 3 for Netherlands and with the arri...
Sky Sports News: Sigurdsson currently undergoing medical at Swansea ahead of £10m switch. In opposite direction, Ben Davies seems set to join us and also Mi...
Townsend isn't really a LM though either, he is predominantly a RW. All he ever does is cut in and shoot (Bale-fail wannabe). So I agree with you that we need ...
5 days ago
This only proves that Shaw only makes the tackles he thinks he can win, whereas Davies will always make the tackle regardless... :P
Interesting indeed, it is no surprise we are the last as that's how Spurs work (with last year as the only exception knowing we were going to be losing Bale for...
Ugly kits... I might sway towards that away once I see the players in it for some games but the Home and GK kit... I wonder why Lloris ever signed a contract ex...
He has to impress during this loan spell, otherwise there is no future for him at Spurs. Especially as the extension only goes to 2016. Best of luck to him.
6 days ago
Lol, sorry mate, but I have to laugh at the fact that you think Capoue had more pace and better positioning than Vlad at CB. Capoue showed promise in his first ...
You are being overly critical on Vlad and inconsistent with your analysis of our new players. 1) Soldado had an appalling return and should have been a lot bet...
After all my optimism and faith put into the AVB saga, I can only put faith in our manager once they prove to me they are worthy... I have been hurt and will ...
@Magneto that's a lot of speculation about possible reasons for why FDB was eventually second choice, guess we will never know for sure. For the time being I wo...
Meh, can't be that annoyed. Vlad can't really showcase his talents as part of an incomplete squad, no-one can really, especially this being world cup year we we...
Mate.... if what you're saying is true then I will feel truly let down. I wholeheartedly agree with you that FDB should have been the obvious choice and he was ...
Worrying over nothing mate, most of the missing players are on extended break after their world cup performances. As long as it isn't Lamela with the back pai...
6 months ago
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FayJay nominated Sandro (54') for Goal of the Week
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