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Hong Kong-nese father, Malaysian mother. Born and raised in North London, UK.

Supporter of Spurs for as long as I started following football. Born and raised in Tottenham North London.

I feel the North London rivalry very strongly as I've grown up with a fair few die hard Arsenal fans. Mostly trolls....

The gap is becoming smaller season by season now and it is ripe time for Spurs to rise up and overtake London by storm! (and then the world!)
Exciting times.
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Have a good summer mate! It's going to be a busy summer for Spurs hopefully, so stay tuned! There's not many posters left...
1 week ago
The question on everyone's minds! Kane is a machine, personally I have no doubt that he will be fit for the match, but in form? That's a whole different story...
1 month ago
Not that keen on Gomes. Griezmann is headed to Barca who are paying his 120m euro release clause. AWB would be a great signing though I suspect he will be go to...
It’s not being a hater though really when he’s stating truth. No matter how successful Pep has been at Man City his spending will always be at the forefront...
Kane @ 50% > Llorente @ 100% Kane’s our captain and leader of the team. Him being part of the game in any capacity will be a huge lift.
@Lostwanderer You’re right, i was talking about the first, but at least we both agree that the point is that players did their jobs in the end, however it cam...
I can’t stop watching the highlights.... Thank you Unai Emery for Lucas Moura. Taken from twitter: Jurgen Klopp v Mauricio Pochettino Whatever happens, on...
Damn, typing on my phone and have accidentaly flagged my own comment. Idiot. Anyways, i was trying to add that I’m not disagreeing with your comments, just ...
Did you only read my first 2 paragraphs? You’re basically just expanding on my 3rd.... and you’re right. I agree. Surely Levy will be loosening up some mo...
That's funny, Poch very rightly deflected all the praise back onto the players. I doubt he believed it was going to happen as he is still referring to it as a m...
1. Ajax keeper could have/should have done better for the second goal. Potentially blocked by the Ajax defender, but the keeper should have smothered that ball....
The team wouldn't be the same if Poch was given the same financial resources, exactly as PaddySpurs has mentioned: Poch himself decided that given the choice of...
It was just the mass of bodies and the pressure which got to Ajax. It was amazing to see Lloris sprinting up the pitch at 93minutes, as it showed we were just g...
Finally we will be able to play our deadly trio of Kane Llorente Son(!) (jk)
I was reminiscing with my bruv after the Bournemouth embarassment, and he brought up the Inter game when we were 4-0 down within 25mins. At the time he was stil...
He had his moments when he underhit a potential throughball and he didnt take his chances at goal. But he did his job overall in occupying the defence, being ph...
I can't believe that Llorente and Origi are responsible for an all Premier League CL Final.
@Pioneer Share that account number with me mate, and your billing postcode. ;) @Paddy that's a great bet mate. I did my weekly 2quid on 2-1 Spurs & my roomma...
The difference a manager mentality can make: Leicester won the league because Raineri was able to take off all the pressure from his squad. Constantly banteri...
Aurier hasn't even travelled with squad, even though Poch declared him fit. Strange decision. Fireworks outside hotels have become the norm now, Ajax has been ...
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