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Credit to Germany they were class.. But John Terry and Cahill were both completely disgracefull.
7 years ago
Why the hell play Busquets, a defensive mid, against a team that has 10 men in their own half, when Fabregas is sitting there on the bench?? Madness. Plus, Bu...
8 years ago
Zamora, Carlton Cole, Darren Bent.. Any of them three I would choose rather than Heskey anyday.
Netherlands are brilliant at attacking, maybe one of the best in the world cup. But from what ive seen of their defence im not completely convinced.
Sikhosenke People moan at things they get annoyed about. The horns are annoying. Okay? How can you in any way associate us not liking the horns to the friggin ...
Jose Mourinho easily the best manager in the world. Messi was almost non existent all game. Very well done
I think 4th is completely out of reach now so I would go for spurs :P
Cant entirely put the blame on the keeper, the Arsenal defence was in shambles :(
Should be a contender for goal of the season that! I would say its between this one and Figueroa's goal
David villa would be great but id take Aguero over him anyday!! Villa is 29, Aguero is about 21?
Great football from the whole team except maybe Gerrard who was poor. Aquilani is CLASSSSSSSSSSSSS!
Rafa is just losing the plot. He's got Aquilani on the bench, a £20 Million player.. yet he starts Lucas every single game. Madness. Credit to Hazard, he was ...
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