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2cool votes for you mate!
6 years ago
Loving the doom photo man
It was a good game from both teams, even though Bayern won the game from the skin of their teeth...Bayern really needs to step up to get there old form back and...
Ok ok...Im Going To give credit where it's due...Suárez played an awesome match with his fine header even though i think hes hyper and over reacts, hes a great...
Wow @ Gud2cu, you just had to be an ManU Fan huh! all ways trying to be harsh...futball is not about if some one is good in English or not, futball only has one...
Watching This Highlight Just made me sick to my stomach, i'm not trying to say Barton is a racist or anything but he just has thing towards black players for ex...
Love your pic, that's a sick album. I prefer Mm Food though, but DOOM makes up for like 20% of what I listen to on most days, second only to Heltah Skeltah. Wh...
7 years ago
Great game for both team...i had a lot of expectation in Ghana because England didn't play with their star players, but overall both teams went home happy and s...
@SoccerISfootbal, i see your underestimating Chelsea abilities, well if i were you ill let fergie know that chelsea is the team to worry about, for get arsenal ...
Wow that just shows how strong ambition Chelsea are and that they are in great form, so ManU better take Chelsea more serious, because to me Man U were kinda lu...
DI De Yaayy Drogbaa!! the best striker out!!!
No This Tournament is for the local players that doesn't play outside of the continent...
No!! street fighter 6
Agree...just wished they would of play like that on the past world cup..
Well That is No Problem mac, since ManU have received lost there is more to come..lol
Now Lets All Hope That Wolverhampton Takes Full 3 points From ManU, Now That'll Sooo make my day...hahaha
Now Lets All Hope That Wolverhampton takes full 3 points from Man U...lol
Lol yea thats ture but dont forget that diaby had a red card even tho i felt that both plays should of been sent off
Wow Tie Frigging Game lol from 4-0 to 4-4 hahahahahhaha
I Guess The Tables Are Turning For New Castle lol 4-3 and 8 mins left of the game
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