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5 years ago
Well Lucas according to your logic, we can all similarly claim that milan shoulda beaten liverpool in the 2005 CL final.. and that liverpool ultimately got luck...
Case of an ill-timed tackle to say the least
U don't just get lucky along the way to winning the european cup.. u make your luck.. and you take your chances.. german teams don't seem to know how to take th...
Lol... typical bavarians..
0:50 Commentator: "they may not have a Messi, but they have a van Persie" I LOL-ed
6 years ago
Why don't you shut up and worry about carroll?
The two best players on the pitch (in no particular order): Torres and Sessegnon, 'nuff said
Anyone wondering like me what the hell sturridge was trying to do in the 58th minute when drogba was lining up his free kick? making fun of joe hart? haha
@Raam1988 I don't know how u did it but u sure could see the future! @Chukchuk how's the Europa League?! hahahahahah!!
U got that from family guy eh? haha
How's the europa league for a slap in the face? hahahaa
Here u go folks..
Dear Commentator on the RuTube video, After a while, your "lolololololololol" got me feeling pretty murderous thank you...
07:45: Clearance by David Luiz.. but the commentator went: "clearance by Fabriccio Coloccini"... LOL
It'd be even funnier if Xavi had said that barca are unbeatable... as is characteristic of his big mouth..
Has any1 noticed the hottie on the display pic of a certain Britishcanadian? hahaha
LOL! Maybe his name really is Peter Griffin
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